Don’t Knock them Over and Don’t Rock the Boat in this Fun Game!

Don't Rock the Boat Review

Don't Rock the Boat Review

What could make family game night even more fun? How about adding in pirates and penguins! Don’t Rock the Boat a game by Play Monster is a game for ages 5 and up that does just that. They sent us a copy of the game to check out and play and we were instantly hooked.

Don't Rock the Boat ReviewDon’t Rock the Boat is a balancing game that comes with a pirates ship fully equipped with two planks, three crows nests and a whole crew of gold hunting penguin pirates. Balancing on a wave, you have to place the penguins and their booty on the pirate ship without knocking it over and falling into the water. The game is fairly simply and doesn’t have set pieces for players which makes it perfect for younger players.

Don't Rock the Boat ReviewThe game says that it is for ages 5 and up, but really there aren’t any pieces that are small enough that would be a choking hazard. But of course, the playing age and maturity level decision is up to you. And while it does take a little bit of skill to balance the crew on the deck, it is a game that all family members can play together and can help teach basic motor skills.

You can find Don’t Rock the Boat at toy stores and on Amazon, and it’s a fun game to play by yourself, with friends or with the kids to keep the entertained.

Check out our unboxing of the game here:


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