Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers – Who will win the battle?

Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shaker Review
Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers
Who hasn’t always wanted their own Tardis? Or how about your own Dalek? I know there are a lot of fellow Whovians out there shaking their heads in agreement. BBC America now has Doctor Who Salt and Pepper shakers so you can decide who wins the flavor battle in each meal.

Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers

Did you understand all of that? If you’re not a fan of the Doctor Who series you may not have. Doctor Who is a Timelord that travels in his Tardis through time and space and saves the world. One of his biggest enemies, as well as one to Earth are the Daleks. The main goal of the Daleks is to “Exterminate” anything that gets in their way – basically anything that has emotion, doesn’t follow their rules and especially the Doctor. Their battle has been epic and gone through time, space and through several galaxies.

The Salt and Pepper Shakers are actually hand painted porcelain and each measure about 3 1/2 inches. They are beautifully constructed and actually can be used as display pieces if you didn’t want t use them for the table. Both have a plug at the bottom to fill easily and it stays securely in once full.

Besides both being beautiful and functional – these would make perfect gifts for Whovians (fans of the Doctor Who series), as well as Sci-Fi fans in general. You can find them exclusively online at the BBC America Shop for $17.99! A great price for a Christmas present or a stocking stuffer.

They make fantastic conversation pieces too, when people ask you to hand the salt and you hand them a Dalek. It could be a great way to introduce new fans to Doctor Who!

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