Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Keeps Your Toys Healthy

doc mcstuffins vet kit review

doc mcstuffins vet kit reviewDoc McStuffins is back in a new adventure by Disney Junior, and with it comes fun ways to help care for your stuffed animal friends and a fun toy Vet Kit so your toys can stay healthy. Disney Junior sent us a copy of Doc McStuffins Pet Vet as well as the Doc McStuffins Vet Doctor Bag toy set to check out for the holiday season.

doc mcstuffins vet kit reviewIn the new Adventure Doc McStuffins: Doc Pet Vet, you get five episodes where Doc uses her skills to figure out what is wrong with the different stuffed animals that may be sick or have problems. After all, not all stuffed animals can talk!

Episodes include:

  • Fetchin’ Findo/Twin Tweaks
  • Three Goads A ‘Cuddlin’/Swimmer’s Belly
  • A Dragon’s Best Friend
  • Stuffy E Squibbles/Queen of Thrones
  • Take Your Pet to the Vet/ Master And Commander

doc mcstuffins vet kit reviewThe fun filled set has 2 full hours of entertainment for your kids, and they’ll want to play along with the show. And that’s exactly why Disney released the Doc McStuffins Vet Doctor Bag toy set! Inside is everything they need to diagnose and care for their stuffed animals. The set comes with a Vet bag, scissors, a collar, a cast, a talking stethoscope and even your own Fido to care for!

We loved the episodes on the new collection, and the fact that we could play along with Doc and take care of our stuffed friends with the set. It’s a great way for your kids to learn what vets do, as well as see what they should be doing to make sure their pets stay healthy and happy.

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