Doc McStuffin School of Medicine – Doc Knows Best now on DVD #Christmascountdown

doc mcstuffins school of medicine review
Doc McStuffins School of Medicine Review
We’re luck that so far, despite him rejecting some shows for being too “girly”, Goonie still enjoys watching Doc McStuffins! We were all excited when Disney Jr. sent us a copy of the brand new Doc McStuffins School of Medicine on DVD to review. The new collection is full of fun episodes as Doc fixes up her favorite stuffed animal friends.

In the new collection, you can go enjoy watching Doc McStuffins visit Professor Hootburgh to find the perfect pair of glasses, visit Johnny Foosball and watch as Doc gets him back in his soccer game. And in a twist – Doc McStuffins sprains her ankle, and it’s her toys turn to get her help and take care of her.

Doc McStuffins School of Medicine Review

As always, the collection is full of kid friendly episodes that are all about helping others. The DVD also comes with a Free Doc Dress-Up Play Set! While he enjoyed the movie, Goonie isn’t quite into playing paper dolls and dress up – but it’s a perfect activity for his cousins! It’s a fun bonus that lets your kids have some low tech fun during or after the DVD has ended.

Episodes Include: 

  • Chilly Gets Chilly
  • Through the Reading Glasses
  • Disco Dress Up Daisy
  • The Gilder Brothers
  • Celestial Celest
  • Run Doc Run!
  • Hallie’s Happy Birthday
  • Shark-Style Toothache
  • Think Pink
  • You Foose, You Lose!

Total Run time of 120 Minutes. Doc McStuffins School of Medicine: Doc Knows Best is available online on Amazon, and in stores near you!

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