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Do you Stock Pile?

One thing people talk a lot about when couponing is Stockpiling, we hear this term a lot more on that TLC show don’t we? Do you stock pile? Is this something completely new for you?
I don’t think couponing, or bargain hunting has ever been a new concept for me. Like I said before I use to coupon before, just not to the extent I am now.  I often joke with my dad that he can make a penny cry. I LOVE (I don’t think I can make that word big enough) Black Friday Shopping – I love the hunt and the chase of the deal. I must get this from my dad, my mom says she hates shopping.
Buying in bulk, at Cost-co, Sam’s club, or other stores is something I did all through college. I’d get my financial aid returns, and I’d go spend half of it right away – on food for the freezer, cupboards and even toiletries. I’d make sure I was stocked up for a couple months. I didn’t know if I’d have the money for it later – my job at the time didn’t pay the best – just enough to cover rent.

I’ve always had a small stock pile – making sure I had food available when I needed it. This was more important when I found out about my food allergies. It’s just a habit I have done for years now, and still do. Our cupboards are full “Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is never empty around here” is what I tell people. It’s great for when I don’t know what to make for dinner or (like today) I’m sitting here and think “wow, tacos sound great!” I have everything I need except lettuce and sour cream.

Our stock pile fits in our cupboards and on two shelving units in the basement – it doesn’t take over our house. We are set food wise, except milk of course, for the next couple months. And health and beauty wise, probably for a close to a year. Even our cats have food for a few months :).

So how big is your stock pile? Do you snag every deal you find or are you selective?

13 thoughts on “Do you Stock Pile?

  1. I have 2 or 3 things that will last me till the next sale comes. It is hard to create a stockpile when you are couponing in the first place because of no/low income.

  2. I don’t stockpile just simply because I don’t have the income to do it nor the space to do it. I wish I had space.

  3. I dont stock pile but I get a few of each item that I know I will use a lot of. I would hate to see things expire or go to waste just because I save on it.

  4. I have been stock piling recently, I am just learning but when I see something that I can get for free I am all over that!

  5. I have only a few items stocked, like paper towels, toothpaste and deodarant. Unfortunately, I have not found anything for “free” yet though. It’s hard when none of your stores double. A good stock up price around here is 1/2 to 3/4 off.

  6. I used to coupon when my kids were at home eating everything in sight! Now that it’s just my husband and I think I can even save us some money with coupons!

  7. I stockpile only on nonperishables, and only on necessities.
    Usually I stockpile toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, and some canned goods.
    I have used coupons for a long time, and gotten a lot of “rebates” and free things.

  8. My stockpile is fairly new. I don’t have any problem stocking the health and beauty ,but the food part is another story. We have been depending on coupons to buy weekly groceries so I haven’t found myself in the position to stockpile food. Maybe someday when our situation changes.

  9. I have a great stock pile of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brushes, tooth paste, pretty much anything you could ever need in the H&B section for the next year! I have enough laundry detergent for at least the next 6 months and about a years worth of dryer sheets I didn’t pay a penny for. I have decent sized closet full of condiments, canned veggies, rice, cereal etc. When I 1st started couponing a few months ago I pretty much burnt myself out! I had to hit every store for every deal. Now that i’ve calmed down and learned that it’s not a “Once in a lifetime” thing and that I can catch the same sale in 3 weeks, It’s much easier to handle. I try and go for the free items and the pretty close to free items. I agree with Lisa, getting great deals on food is not an easy thing!

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