Do You Have What It Takes To Go Wild Camping?

Do You Have What It Takes To Go Wild Camping?

People who love the outdoors regularly go on camping trips. It’s a chance for them to get away from the rest of the world and just enjoy nature at its very best. 

Wild camping, though, is a different animal altogether and requires a whole new level of self-sufficiency. In this post, we take a look at some tips and tricks that will help you during your experience. 

Learn To Use A Map And Compass

Electronics don’t last long in the wild, even if you’re carrying around a fancy solar panel. It’s a good idea, therefore, to learn how to use a map and compass to navigate.

The skill isn’t actually all that hard. Once you understand how to read a map and use a compass, it can help you get to wherever you want to go. Don’t neglect to use a compass as it quickly lets you know whether you are traveling in the right direction or not. 

Go Light

Wild camping is all about traveling as light as you can. People will often spend hundreds of dollars on camping essentials to shave off a few grams of their pack weight. 

It’s worth it though. If you have a light pack, it makes the experience so much more enjoyable. You can fit all the things that you need into a rucksack and just set off on your adventure. Lightweight tents are a joy to use and can really come in handy when the sun starts going down. 

Pack A Filter Bottle

If you’re going trekking for days in the wilderness, you don’t want to worry constantly about whether you are close to a store to get water. That sort of ruins the experience. Instead, take a filter bottle with you. This will let you fill up at streams and then simply drink and use the resulting filter water how you like. Water comes out of the filter tasting fresh, just like mineral water. 

Take A Portable Gas Stove With You

You can’t always build a fire when wild camping, particularly in the winter when the wood is soaking wet. But that doesn’t matter if you have a gas stove. These are great for whipping up porridge or tinned meals on the go. 

Bring Freeze-Dried Food

The heaviest item in your pack is usually water. But you don’t actually need to carry a great deal with you if you take a water filter. 

If you try to take all your food with you, however, you’ll find yourself carrying a lot of unnecessary water weight. Most foods are 70 to 98 percent water by weight.

The solution is to take freeze-dried foods with you. Freeze drying foods lets you reduce the weight while you are on the go and then simply add water whenever you stop and cook. 

Don’t Poop Near Water

Lastly, be sure to avoid pooping near water. This can contaminate the water and make it dangerous to other people. Instead, take a small shovel with you and bury your waste. 

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