DIY Valentine’s Decoration – Glittered LOVE Sign

DIY LOVE Marquee Glitter Sign
DIY Valentines Decorations
The holidays have come and gone and now it’s time to start looking towards Valentine’s Day. Nothing, to me, says Valentine’s quite like red glitter decorations!  To me I’ve not decorated for a holiday if there isn’t at least one glittered object in my decor. Today’s project is a simple glittered love sign.

DIY Valentines Decorations

For this project you will need:

  • Papier-mache letters – L, O, V, E (Like the letters used in the marquee lights DIY)
  • Red glitter (or your color preference)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam paint brush
  • Clear sealer
  • Something to cover your work surface such as paper or foil

DIY Valentines Decorations

Since we’re glittering these letters, you don’t have to take off any of the stickers that may be on your letters, but I did take mine off. Make sure you have something to cover your work area with. I used foil because it won’t rip like paper when the glue sticks to it and I can easily use it to funnel the excess glitter back into my jar.

Coat your letter in mod podge and then begin applying the glitter. It’s better to dump too much than not enough. Once the glitter starts drying if you start to add more on top it gets clumpy. I started with the face of my letters, then did the horizontal sides that faced up, and finally I did the vertical sides.  Each time I worked on a side I’d let it dry for about 15 minutes and then shake off the excess and dump that back into my glitter jar. You can do the back side of the letters if you want, but I left mine plain because they won’t be seen from the back.

DIY Valentines Decorations

Once you have all of your sides glittered up to perfection and the glue is dry take them outside to spray with a clear sealer. This will help keep the glitter on the letters and keep them from shedding glitter everywhere in your house.  I sprayed 2 coats of sealer on my letters just to make sure they were adequately covered.  Once the sealer is dry you’re done!

This DIY is easy enough your kids can help, however you may want to oversee the glitter operation so you don’t end up with a floor full of tiny red dots.


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