DIY Sugar Scrub

DIY Sugar Scrub
SIY Sugar Scrubs
Earlier this week I did a post about DIY Bath Salts – they’re simple to make, affordable and great gift ideas. I had a fellow blogger asking me for a DIY on Sugar Scrubs, so I had just had to do it!

We all know sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating, moisturizing and.. well, quite honestly putting a big crimp in our budgets. They cost anywhere from $20-30 and even up. It’s silly, seeing how easy they are to make!

DIY Sugar Scrub

To make your sugar scrub you will need:

  • 1 cup oil of your choice (I chose coconut oil, but oil and others work well too)
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • Oil of extract of your choice (I chose Almond)
  • Optional: Food coloring, added essences such as zests, vanilla bean etc.
  • Medium Bowl – glass, something that won stain!
  • Fork or mixing device
  • Jar or plastic container to put it in – since this is for the bathroom I’d suggest plastic so if it falls you wont have a glass mess to pick up!

This “recipe” makes three 1/2 pint jar containers. This is either great for three gifts or put it in one big container for you.

Step 1: Put your oil in the bowl. I used coconut oil, since we’re in a colder month it is solid which almost makes it impossible to mix. I heated the oil up until it was a liquid form in the microwave but not hot enough to dissolve the sugar.

Step 2: Add your sugar and mix well. You will see it becomes a smooth paste consistency.

Step 3: Add in your extracts/oils and zests. Like I said above I chose Almond extract because it makes it all smell like a wonderful cookie. I also added orange zest which will give a small burst of citrus in the shower.

Step 4: Put in bath save containers. You can find these with lids for affordable prices at your local dollar stores. Remember plastic is best for the bathroom.

Why use all food safe products? I do it for kid/pet factor. I never know when I will catch Godiva with her head in a jar trying to eat something. I don’t want that to happen to her or any little ones.

Now please note – if you use coconut oil like I did it will harden again. But when you’re in the shower the heat will help loosen it up and make it easy to use.

You can do this with salt as well for a more abrasive exfoliation. But as long as your sugar/oil ratio is 2 to 1 (2 parts sugar to one part oil) this can work with any of your favorite oils.

Be careful it might make your bath a bit slippy though 😉 But you will have fantastic skin!



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