DIY Microwave Cleaner

DIY – Quick and Easy Microwave Cleaner!

DIY Microwave Cleaner
I went on a cleaning spree the other day, scrubbing the whole house. My kitchen is spotless, but then I opened up the microwave. It was messy, covered in dried on, caked on food that had been there for.. well who really knows! I hate scrubbing it, but there is a quick way to clean it off!

DIY Microwave Cleaner

Yup, there it is. Let’s be honest, most of our microwaves look like this. We don’t cover the food like we should, and even after cleaning it I don’t still. And I’m not a fan of scrubbing it for an hour and breaking my wrist.

So I found a quick way to clean it – you only need a couple things you have in your cupboard!

DIY Microwave Cleaner

In a medium glass bowl add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar.

I added a wooden spoon, we’re going to cook it for a bit and we know microwaves “super heat” things, the wood tempers it so it wont explode when you move it.

Got everything together?

DIY Microwave Cleaner

Now set your microwave to 10 minutes – on High.. See why that spoon is important? This is going to boil and get super hot.

Place your bowl and wooden dowl/spoon in the microwave and let it work.

When it’s done, with hot mitts remove the bowl and dump the contents. Take some paper towel and wipe down the inside. You may have to wipe things for a couple of minutes and I used a combination of wet and dry paper towel, but it saved me so much time compared to the regular cleaning methods!

Let me know if you do it and how it works for you! The best part, no toxic chemicals added!

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