DIY Easter Basket

DIY: Make an Affordable Easter Basket

Homemade Easter Basket
Easter is Sunday! It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not – your kids love it! Painting eggs, egg hunts, candy and toys! What is there not to love!?

We use to love Easter in our house, our parents made it special for us each year. Not only did we do the traditional things like go to church, paint eggs, go to Easter Egg Hunts – but there were special things just for us. When we woke up we’d find a trail of candy and change from our room and through the house. At the end of the trail we’d find our Easter basket – we’d end up with a pile of candy, our baskets and a few dollars in pennies and nickels.


One of the things we did every year was make a giant Egg. We could let our toys play in them, fill them up with our goodies.

Looking at them now – they can be turned into affordable Easter Baskets too! I know it can be find one to fit certain age groups, but sometimes Easter Baskets don’t fit your budget either! Follow these easy steps, to get one you can afford.

What do you need to make it? Well you should have all of the items in your crafts bin if you’re a parent – I had most of them just laying around.

What you need to make your egg:

  • 1 Large Balloon
  • 1 Large bottle of white glue, at least 12 oz. Elmer’s or  a store brand work fine – just make sure it’s newish.
  • 1 Medium Skein of yarn – the small ones are pricey and wont provide enough yarn, and large ones you will end up wasting too much.
  • Newspaper – to cover your surfaces

Make your own Easter Basket

Step 1:

Cover your table or counter with the newspaper and inflate your balloon.

Don’t laugh at the Over the Hill Balloon – it was on clearance at the Dollar store 🙂

yard with glue

Step 2:

Put the whole skein of yarn in a large bowl! *Hint* If you don’t have a large disposable bowl, cover a large glass bowl with plastic wrap.

Now pour half of the bottle of glue over yarn.  Roll it around a few times so it’s well coated..

Ready to go?

Easter Basket tutorial

Step 3: 

Take the loose end of the yarn and tie it in a knot around tied part of the balloon. Now pull out several feet of the glue coated yarn and start wrapping your balloon.

Keep wrapping, pull out more yarn as you go. If it starts to dry out pour the rest of the glue on the yarn.

Step 4: 

Let it dry…. This can take a few hours, or over night. But it will dry. You just have to keep the little bunnies busy while they wait!

Step 5 – Parents Only Step! 

POP the balloon. This requires something sharp, so this is why the parents should do it.

It’s loud – and you will hear a crinkle from the glue on the balloon pulling back.

If your Egg deflates some – it’s OK. Mine Did – it just means we didn’t use enough glue!

Step 6 – Parent’s Only Step! 

If your egg is rigid like the pretty one in the picture there (not mine haha) you can cut a whole in the side and make it super pretty like that one in the shot.

Instead, I cut the end near where I originally tied it. so the front of the egg was open to fill with goodies!

Step 7:

Embellish – I put a bow on it, and filled it with paper shreds (lined with paper towel, remember it’s got holes in it! Then fill it with whatever goodies you want!

Remember it’s an egg – and it’s fragile when you move it 🙂

Have fun!

Finished Easter Basket

Easter Basket Filers

What do you fill it with?

Check out all of the goodies I got to stuff his egg with – and guess what none will rot his teeth. But what’s even better? I got all of it at the dollar store!

Remember you don’t have to break the banks to fill your egg with things they will be excited about! Homemade Easter Basket

Goonie made his first one this year! He’s got his mouth wide open just like the egg – hahaha.

Remember this is a project your kids can absolutely help you with – and should. It’s fun – AND MESSY! You will all be covered in glue at the end of it, but we’re all washable and Elmers comes off really easy. And wont they be proud of their own creations?!

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