DIY Gift Idea: Ball Jar Soap Dispenser – Mummy Edition!

Ball Jar Soap Dispenser
DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser
Making soap dispensers out of Ball jars is all the rage. But with Halloween right around the corner, I wanted them to be a little spooky and fun. They can make great gifts any time of the year, so you can follow the basic instructions to make a soap dispenser for a great holiday gift, or make a creepy fun one for your coming Halloween Party.

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

To make the Spooky fun Mummy version you need:

  • 1 Pint sized Ball Jar
  • Mod Podge
  • 2 googly eyes
  • gauze
  • Old soap pump

You will also need:

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Step One: 

Let’s make the lid opening!

Take your nail and put it approximately in the center of the flat lid. This is easier to do with the band secured on the jar.

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Step Two:

With your hammer pound your nail in – all the way.

Remove the nail – remember this doesn’t have to be exactly in the center.

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Step three:

Remove the flat lid portion and draw lines where you should cut. This will be about an 1 inch circle when you’re done.

Take your metal snips and cut on those lines.

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

It will look like this when you’re done. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Just big enough to hold the soap pump.

Use your flat head pliers and flatten out those sharp edges. You don’t want to cut yourself!

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Step four: 

Put your soap pump in. You may need to adjust your lid so it fits just a bit better. Do that and make sure you flatten out your sharp edges down.

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Step five: 

Use your hot glue gun and secure your pump into the hole. Again remember it’s OK if it’s not beautiful! This will be inside, you just need to make sure it’s secure and wont move.

Now your lid is made! This will fit on any pint sized jar, you can use the blue ones or any kind you want. Just be sure to use it in an area where it wont break if it falls!

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Now to make the MUMMY!

Step six: 

Take your mod podge and completely cover the outside of your jar.

Step seven: 

Start at the bottom of the jar and wrap your gauze at the bottom and work it’s way to the top. Cut the gauze and add a bit more mod podge on any loose ends.

DIY Ball Jar Soap Dispenser

Step eight: 

Glue your googly eyes on your mummy! I used Elmers and put this over the damp guaze.

Let your Mummy dry for a bit – an hour at least!

Fill it with soap and use it for a spooky fun Halloween decoration!

When the soap is gone you can clean it out and use it for storing other items. You can switch the lid to any other jar and use them for soap all year round! They’re cute and a lot of fun!

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