DIY Eyeball Wreath – that Surprise – Works for Christmas Too!

Eye ball wreath DIY

Eye ball wreath DIY

Finding a Halloween decoration I can use year after year that doesn’t break the bank and isn’t super scary isn’t an easy task. I came up with the idea to make this wreath a few years ago, purchased everything and forgot all about it. My boyfriend found the bag of ping pong ball sin the basement and asked why we had them… We’ve all been there right?

My idea – an wreath that is easy to make – of “creepy” eyeballs that your kids wont be afraid of! The project is pretty easy to do, but will take some time. Since you’re using hot glue, older kids can help you along the way but the amount of time with the hot glue you may end up with a few burns on the way!

What you need:

Step 1

Eye ball wreath DIY

Start gluing the ping pong balls onto the wreath base.  Because of the round balls, you’ll have to hold each one onto the base as you do it.

Eye ball wreath DIY

Alternate the balls as you go, this will give you space to add more as you go. We did find that starting in the center and creating a ring base on the sides helped hold the balls as you go around.

Step 2: 

Eye ball wreath DIY

Once all of your “eyes” are on the base, glue wiggly eyes on the ball fronts on one side of the wreath. Alternate the eye sized and even colors as you go around!

Step 3: 

Tie a ribbon on your choice on the front into a bow, and an additional piece to create a loop that it can hang from! It’s that simple!

The wreath does take a while to put together but is super cute and will last through several seasons!

snow ball wreath DIY

OH – Did I mention you can use the wreath for Christmas too? Since you don’t put the eyes on both sides you can just change the ribbon out and flip it over. Now you have a snow ball wreath! We love how easy it is to change over, and how you can hang it up before Halloween and it’ll last you through the New Year!



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