DIY: Easter Egg Tree

Easter Topiary DIY

Easter Topiary DIYEaster (and spring in general) is one of my favorite times of year to decorate! The Easter Bunny is about to be hippity hopping down the bunny trail and why not make your home just as colorful as his eggs? I love all of the bright colors that just scream, “Spring is here!” For my latest craft, I made an Easter Egg Tree. It’s fairly simple and is so cheerful when complete!



Easter Topiary DIYFor this project you will need…

  • A Styrofoam cone
  • Plastic Easter Eggs (I went with mini eggs since my cone wasn’t very wide at the base)
  • A skein of gilt eyelash yarn (it looks a bit like fur or down feathers)
  • Hot glue gun

First you’ll take your cone and cover it in the eyelash yarn. This part is a bit time consuming, but if you end up with gaps I like the way it sticks through. You could use plain yarn that’s thicker or just paint your cone, but when have I been known to make something the super easy way? Be careful during this part because you can (and probably will) burn your fingers several times.

Easter Topiary DIYOnce you have your cone all covered, start gluing the eggs to the cone at the base. I started out with a pattern that alternated colors, but as you can see in the picture, I botched it at some point. Some of your eggs may not stay together, so I suggest running a thing line of glue around the edge where the two parts meet. Continue gluing your eggs on layer by layer. When you reach the top simply place glue on the bottom of an egg and then stick it to the top.

My eggs are all placed close together, but you could leave some space for the yarn to poke through if you wanted it to look a bit more whimsical. Now you have a cute egg tree you can set out with the rest of your decorations! You may even want to make some in varying sizes to group together. Have fun and enjoy the pops of spring color around your home!


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