DIY Disney Snow Globes #Disneyside @HomeCelebration

DIY Disney Snow Globes
DIY Disney Snow globes
We’re less than a week from our Disney Side home celebration and I’m working on some fun DIY goodies for our guests to play with an enjoy at the party. This is a simple DIY that you can do with your kids and it’s super affordable as well!

DIY Disney Snow globes

What you will need: 

DIY Disney Snow globes

The Disney Characters seem like they would cost a lot – but I actually found most of them at Dollar Tree! You may have to stop at different stores to get the characters you want, each store has a different selection. But you can even find Frozen characters, as well as the classics! Now, Wall-E was not from the Dollar Store – he’s actually a Wilton cupcake topper and came in a pack of 6, I’ll be using them on some of our treats for the party as well as other characters I didn’t use here!

DIY Disney Snow globes

Step One: 

Take your character of your choice and hot glue it to the inside of the flat lid of your mason jar.

Repeat with your other characters and set aside.

DIY Disney Snowglobe

Step Two: 

Take your hot glue gun and run a bead of glue on the inside rim of the ring. The metal will get hot so this is a step parents should probably do. While it’s still hot, place your characters on their lids into their ring and press firmly. This will push out any extra glue and makes sure you have a good seal.

DIY Disney Snowglobe

So I’m sure you know by now that mason jars come in two standard sizes. A Regular mouth lid will hold one character perfectly. And a wide mouth lid – well that’s perfect for two or even three if you want!

DIY Disney Snowglobe

Step Three:

Add a handful of your snow globe snow or snow flake confetti to the bottom of your jars. One bag of the confetti is great for four different jars!

DIY Disney Snowglobe

Step Four:

Fill your jars up to the bottom of the screw line with water. Add in a few drops of the food glycerin.

The glycerin will stop the snow and/or confetti from clumping together. It’s not required but it helps keep your snow globes better longer!

Step Five: 

With your hot glue gun, run one more bead of glue on the inside of your lids. This time you will be working around the characters so be careful! As you complete each screw them onto their jar firmly. Be aware of where you are placing your characters if your jars have any stamps in the glass you don’t want interfering.

Once your lids are cool, flip the jars over and shake them up!


  • Straight jars are a bit better for this project than the ones with “shoulders”. The lines tend to distort characters a bit.
  • Clear jars are great for this but some of the tinted or colored glass could be a lot of fun too!
  • You can paint the lids, use decorative tape or ribbon to finish the jars as well!
  • Be aware of how your characters are posed….As much as I love Wall-E, his arms tend to capture more snow flakes than anything. It almost looks like he’s getting buried in snow ;).
DIY Disney Snowglobe

DIY Disney Snowglobe

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