Ditch Traditional Bouquets – RosePops Last Up to a Year with Unique Gifts

RosePops Review

Like most women, I absolutely love getting flowers and roses. But I’ve always been a bit of pragmatist when it comes to cut flowers – they die too quickly. The thought behind the gift is sweet, but very temporary. It’s because of this, and the cost of these bouquets, I often ask for live plants or something else completely. That is – until RosePops sent me a four pack of their roses.

RosePops Review

The idea behind RosePops is simple, a customized box with roses inside that POP up when you pull the ribbon the side. But their claim that their roses last up to a year with ZERO maintenance – that had me questioning them.. a lot.

RosePops are “Preserved Petals” – another concept that had me confused. I had this thought that they were dipped in wax, or plastic somehow and they would be hard and crunchy. And surely – they couldn’t smell after all that right?

Oh.. how wrong I was!

RosePops Review

Opening up my box of RosePops the first thing I did (before reading the customized message in the lid) was touch the roses. They’re soft, just like fresh roses that you just picked off the bush. The intense smell of fresh roses hit me and I started to question this even more – how is this even possible?

With a gentle pull of the ribbons on the side, my roses popped up to greet me and I could check them out more. They’re secured in the glittery base and there’s no thorns to get me, no watering to be had, no weird chemical package to dump into a vase. But what I did have, fragrant, soft roses that as far as I could tell were blemish free.

RosePops Review

I’m not sure how RosePops does it. But I do know that I am instantly sold on their products. I was able to gently put them back in the box and pop them out whenever I need a little pop of color and to smell the roses. This also helps me save them from cats who may want to chew on them. And after a few weeks of me popping them out just to enjoy them – they’re just as fresh as the day I got them.

There’s just something different about them. RosePops aren’t just your average bouquet, they’re ones that will make an impression. While their price point is quite a bit higher than what you would pay for a drug store rose, the duration, flawless beauty and year long freshness will be enough to move RosePops to the top of your gift list this year.


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