Disney Teen Beach Movie: Beach Hopping Fun – Now on DVD!

Teen Beach Movie Review
Disney Teen Beach Movie
I’m not a child of the 60’s, but both of my parents were. I remember watching Beach Blanket Bingo with my dad and other teen beach movies from that era. I grew up knowing who Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello were, and watching the clean fun of those movies.Most kids of the 80’s (like myself) knew who Annette Funicello was and the beach movie references because of a couple of Full House episodes. But kids now today? It’s hard for them to relate to these old movies, the feeling they created and even the clean fun that the movies offered their generation. But Disney recently brought back this fun for teenagers of this era.
On July 30th Teen Beach Movie was released on DVD. They sent me a copy to review and it was just as fun as I expected it would be!Brady and his friend McKenzie are surfers who are enjoying their time on the beach. Brady’s love for the water goes beyond the waves and include the 60’s beach teen movies. They both are taken back in time by a strong wave and are actually trapped inside one of Brady’s favorite movies! Not being from the 60’s any interaction with the cast might send to the movie off it’s original story line and change it forever.The movie is full of fun retro through backs, clean fun that you would expect from Disney and the teen beach movie genre. It’s a great movie for your teens and the family together! You can find Teen Beach Movie as major retailers and on Amazon.com



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