Disney Movies Anywhere Takes Your Entertainment on the Go!

disney movies anywhere review

disney movies anywhere reviewThe more and more we go towards a streaming society, the more and more we demand that our movies and videos are with us. Yes, we’re an on demand society and thankfully Disney Movies Anywhere is there to fill the demand. I was given a digital copy of Avengers: Age of Ultron to try out Disney Movies Anywhere, but little did they know that I was already a fan of the app and program for a long time now.

age of ultron reviewDisney Movies Anywhere is an app as well as a website that is the digital storage space for all of your Disney movies that come with a digital copy as well. I know, most people ignore those little pieces of paper inside your DVD/Blu-Ray boxes and when I hear that I actually freak out a little. Not only does that little code add your digital copy to your collection, but the points included can actually lead to more movies and even great gift options on Disney Movie Rewards (check it out, you will thank me later!)

disney movies anywhere reviewIf you’re more a fan of digital copies, then Disney Movies Anywhere is perfect for you. We’re use to getting a disc copy of a movie to review, but instead we were given a card with a code on the back to redeem for the movie. To redeem the movie, I just typed it into my Disney Movie Rewards account (since it’s linked to my Disney Movies Anywhere account). It registered on both accounts and we were able to watch the movie in less than a couple minutes.

disney movies anywhere reviewBesides not having another disc store around the house, Disney Movies Anywhere not only keeps my movies in one place, but makes it so I can access it on the go. Not only can I pull up the same movies on my phone, tablet, or computer but they are also accessible through gaming systems like Xbox and even on Fire TV and Roku. The digital movies include an option to preview the movie, play the movie and even include bonus features you’d get in the multi-disc sets.

Think of the possibilities of entertainment at your fingertips, with the titles you already own and love (with the added bonus in the rewards section too). Disney Movies Anywhere has been a favorite in our home for a while now. There’s an added bonus if you connect your Disney Movies Anywhere to your Google or Amazon account as well, for a limited time you can even get a free copy of Monsters Inc added to your collection. You can connect your account to Google, VUDU, Amazon and more! Keep your entertainment streaming and at your finger tips.



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