Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic on DVD with Free Doc’s Reusable Tote Bag!

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Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic

Who’s there for you when you get a boo-boo? Mommy and Daddy of course, but don’t forget Doc McStuffins! She’s there with hugs, and cuddles and even a bandage when you need it. But you may not always be able to get to her, so she’s taken her show on the road (so to speak), visiting friends and playgrounds just in case she’s needed.

The Disney Junior favorite is now on the go, and Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic is now available for your little one on DVD. We were sent a copy for Goonie to watch, he’s still a fan and we haven’t heard that it’s “just for girls” yet. It’s full of nice moments of caring and friendship –

all things we encourage and want him to know. Doc’s on the Go has five new episodes in this collection, full of songs and fun. It has a total run time of 120 minutes.

Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic is available on Amazon and at stores near you. Each set comes with a Free Reuseable Tote Bag just like Doc’s!


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