Disney Codeillusion Launches New Product for Kids of All Ages to Learn to Code

Disney Codeillusion Offers Free Coding Courses

School and learning look a little bit differently this year, especially with more kids learning virtually at home. And while their regular classroom zoom meetings may be ones that they try to avoid – there are several great online resources that will keep them engaged and help them learn at the same time. One of these is Disney Codeillusion – an interactive coding class that can teach them different coding languages all wrapped into their favorite animated characters.

Launched earlier this year – Disney Codeillusion now is offering two different programs for kids of all ages to use as part of their day to day learning programs.

What is Disney Codeillusion?

Disney Codeillusion is an official collaboration between Life is Tech! and Disney. With over 10 years of experience in the coding education field and educating over 50,000 students via face-to-face and online instruction, Life is Tech! created Disney Codeillusion. The program centers around a proprietary self-propelled learning cycle that helps each student nurture and maximize their unique potential through coding. Disney Codeillusion blends entertainment with education for a truly unmatched learning experience.
Disney Codeillusion is designed and developed by some of the biggest names in the game development and comic book industry. ​ The former programmer, designer, and director of Sonic the Hedgehog at Sega, as well as CTO at Square Enix for games like Final Fantasy and the award winning Kingdom Hearts, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, has contributed his expertise to the comprehensive coding education program. In addition, Joe Caramagna, Harvey Award nominated letterer and writer for DC and Marvel comics, has also played a vital role in the development of Disney Codeillusion.

Check out the Codeillusion website for more information and how to start a 7 day free trial!

What is the Difference Between Codeillusion Prime and Codeillusion Enchanted?

Disney Codeillusion Enchanted and Disney Codeillusion Prime include lifetime access to 125 online lessons featuring 14 original Disney movie scenes. However, only Disney Codeillusion Enchanted includes our infamous role-playing game (RPG), robust story narrative, and our immersive offline experience complete with your own physical keepsake magic book, mystery puzzles, postcards, and more.

How Can You Save on the Different Programs?

If you’re interested in getting either of the Disney Codeillusion packages for your family we have some great discount codes just for our readers!

Disney Codeillusion is now just $899 or $30 per month for their coding lessons and more fun! Use Code WEEK99ER to save $200 on this cost!

Disney Codeillusion Prime sells for $499 and gives you lifetime access to all 125 lessons with 7 interactive chapters covering Game Development, Web Design, and Media art in 4 core programming languages – HTML, JavaScript, Processing and CSS. Each lesson comes with a virtual mentor, helpful hints, and clues, ensuring you’ll never get stuck so you can continue learning at your own pace, on your own time. Use Code WEEK99ER100 to save $100 on this cost!


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