Disney Pixar’s Brave Review!

disney brave review
Disney Brave
On June 22nd (Today!!!) Brave hits the theaters! It’s the newest Pixar firm in a long line of films that line our shelves! It’s true, we don’t have kids yet but we’re still kids at heart! I don’t think there is a Pixar movie we haven’t enjoyed – so we went into Brave with high expectations.
Did it hold up to our expectations? Absolutely! Not only were the graphics stunning, but the story was moving.

The story focuses around a Scottish Princess Merida as she tries to change her fate. She’s old enough to be married off to one of the first born of lords of the other regions. Besides not being happy with the thought of marriage and the loss of her goals and freedom – her prospects are, well less than to be desired! In her attempt to change her fate, Merida makes a mistake that could not only change her life but her whole families.

Now, I wont give any spoilers – since I know you will be going to see this movie soon! The story is well told and teaches many lessons as it goes along.

We both really enjoyed the show – and before the preview, there were even performers doing Irish Step-dancing. Now don’t expect this at your showing. I just want to say that the small dancers were absolutely adorable!

My boyfriend even posted his review on his facebook page 🙂 “I went to a screening of Brave last night. I liked it; scenery, story, and voice acting were good. It is a kids movie, but entertaining. I would definitely recommend the movie for kids and parents.”

Make sure you check for the movie times for Brave at your local movie theater – trust me you’ll enjoy it! Just watch out for that Disney Travel commercial.. it might just make you want to take that trip today!

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