Discovering Route 66: Shopping and More at Wrinks Market

Wrinks Market Route 66

There’s always a pull to hit Route 66 if you love road trips. Connecting Chicago to the west coast and hitting Americana spots throughout the country. Along the way older motels and land marks that hark back to an older time and bring some of the stories of the good ol’ times back to life. Neon lights glisten and you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Wrinks Market Route 66

While the cities that were passed by when the interstate was put in still pepper the landscape, there is a growing movement to bring some of the older locations back and to re-open them so a new generation can enjoy them. One of these locations is Wrinks Market in Lebanon, Missouri.

Wrinks Market originally opened to the public in 1950 but closed when the original owner died in 2005. Now under the ownership of his grand daughter, the market has a new life and reopened in 2017. Just a quick hop off of 44 and a couple of blocks down from the iconic Munger Moss Motel, it is becoming a destination for shopping, quick visits and even lunch with their affordable sandwich offerings.

Wrinks Market Route 66

Weave through their aisles and find a combination of comics, found items and antiques that you may not want to leave without. Grab some ice cream and take a seat among the items and take in a piece of history as you stop inside. It’s a small shop, but you may find yourself lost inside exploring the different items and maybe finding a piece of your own childhood inside.


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