Dining Allergen Free at NKD Pizza #BloggersdoPizza

Dining Allergen Free at NKD Pizza

Dietary restrictions can be hard, no let’s say what they really are – a pain. If it’s an allergy, a preference or a religious restriction, a dietary restriction can make it virtually impossible to eat out. Besides the fear of cross contamination in a kitchen, there is always the fear that the staff doesn’t know how to properly prepare your food. In the past few years that has been growing attention on healthier food options and different dietary concerned, and some restaurants are starting to respond to the need for healthier options. One such restaurant is NKD Pizza, a restaurant completely devoted to providing healthier options as well as a complete range of allergen free options.

Dining Allergen Free at NKD PizzaI was invited back to NKD Pizza’s location in Sterling Heights with a local group of bloggers to try out more of their gluten free options as well as check out what they can offer for other dietary restrictions. Our group threw almost every dietary need and concern at them including: gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and peanut/tree nut free. And not once did any of the dietary restrictions cause a problem for their staff. We all enjoyed our own pizzas, some chicken strips, salads, natural colas and even cookies.

Dining Allergen Free at NKD PizzaBesides taking great care in preparing every item you order from a complete gluten free station and even gluten free tools that are stored separately,  they also offer fresh locally sourced ingredients. All of the ingredients are prepped in house including fresh pineapple (never canned) and used within 24 hours of being prepared. Dough is made with 10 ancestral grains, prebiotic fiber and probiotics and no white flour. Even the gluten free dough (pre-made off site) includes probiotics for easier digesting. For dairy free guests, you can even have Daiya cheese so you have a more “normal” pizza experience than going cheese-less.

Dining Allergen Free at NKD PizzaCompared to other fast fire pizza chains, NKD Pizza’s prices are slightly higher. However, with freshly prepared ingredients, attention to detail and customer concern it’s absolutely worth it. The staff at NKD Pizza is all trained in different allergies and food restrictions, so you will have the peace of mind that your food is prepared correctly and they can accommodate the majority of dietary needs.

The need for healthy food options wont be going away any time soon, and with the rise of food allergies and restrictions – neither will NKD Pizza. The price point at NKD Pizza is perfect for healthy food you know was prepared with care, and if you’re within 2 square miles of their Sterling Heights location they will deliver it to you for a small fee of $1.50.

Find out more about NKD Pizza, their menu and the location closest to you on their website.


  1. I wish we had that here in PA. It looks insanely delicious! I am new to the GF world and your site came highly recommended. I signed up for your emails. Thanks! <3

    • Jenn,

      Welcome to the club! Let me know if you need any reference links there are some on the site, but a lot of recipes. Happy to help if you need any 🙂


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