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Chez Bistrot Remy Review

Chez Bistrot Remy ReviewLong before we started planning our trip to Europe I found an article that highlighted the Ratatouille attraction at Disneyland Paris. After reading that article, sharing it with my boyfriend and everyone I could find – I decided right then if we made it to Disneyland Paris – we were going to eat at Remy’s restaurant. Little did I know that we’d be invited to check out Disneyland Paris within the year and we could mark this off my bucket list places to visit.

Top Reasons to Visit Disneyland ParisBistrot Chez Remy looks unassuming at the base of Gusteau’s restaurant in the Ratatouille experience, but behind the quaint doors and understated lobby is a restaurant that transports you down to the size of a rat. The over sized dish booth backs, tea lid table tops and cork stools make you feel small surrounded by over sized “human” elements.  Guests are treated to lighting provided by Christmas lights hanging from giant colanders and wall decorations created by spoons, forks and even serving trays.

Chez Bistrot Remy ReviewDining at Bistrot Chez Remy isn’t a cheap meal, for two it ran us around €80.00 but it was a once in a lifetime experience. Unlike several other restaurants, you don’t choose one item on the menu. Instead you select which three course meal you would prefer and change the particulars from there. They do have different price options and different menus for kids. We did opt for the meals that not only had dessert but also a drink included (both of which can be ordered a la carte).

Chez Bistrot Remy ReviewOne of my biggest fears dining on our trip in general was the gluten free options. But even at Bistrot Chez Remy, this fear seemed to be misplaced. The waiter not only knew what had to happen why my meal but also what type of oils the fries were cooked in. While the sauce was brought out with my dish, he quickly came to remove it and made sure I didn’t have any since that was not gluten free. As an added bonus, since they do not bake gluten free bread in house, the waiter did bring me two slices of gluten free bread in a package to enjoy with my meal. I was happy to see pretty much every meal was served with the signature side of ratatouille.

Top Reasons to Visit Disneyland ParisEvery detail inside Bistrot Chez Remy was worked out from rat stamped napkins, food picks and decorations throughout. There are costumed rats that hang around the Ratatouille Experience, but we didn’t see them while we were in the area. But be sure to check out the fountain, the decorations and everything Ratatouille themed in the Parisian Gift Shop in the little downtown area.

If you are thinking of visiting Bistrot Chez Remy, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. While the attraction lines aren’t long, getting into get a table may be. The restaurant also stops taking tables around 8 pm, so an earlier dinner would be recommended. Our reservation was for 6:30 pm, which helped us get in and out early enough to enjoy dinner and the later hour activities in the park on our way out.


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