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The Booking Office London Review

The Booking Office London ReviewAs you get off of a train at St. Pancras international station you’ll notice an imposing statue of a couple in an embrace. It was one of the first things I saw when we stepped off of our train, and next to it a small cafe area. But just to the side is the old Booking Office, the service long ago replaced with ticket kiosks, but the space inside is still bustling with life. The Booking Office St. Pancras has been transformed to a modern restaurant inside the original vaulted ceilings.

The Booking Office London ReviewWe were invited to check out The Booking Office for dinner while we were in London. It’s a surprisingly calm compared to the busy atmosphere outside its doors, and guests are treated to modern takes on food from local sources and signature drinks. The first thing that I noticed when we entered The Booking Office was the space reflects the city around it – modern and updated while living with history. With a bar that was the original ticket counter and pointed arches mixed with modern lighting, lounge chairs and a mellow atmosphere.

The Booking Office London ReviewThe menu is more suited for adult diners, but offers a little bit of something for everyone. There are clearly some items on the menu marked that are vegetarian/vegan, but the majority of the menu can be made gluten free by the chefs. I was not only happy to have a wide selection (beyond just salad and steak), but to be offered a burger on a bun.  The meal we were given was delicious and everything was served as ordered – the only problem I had was there may have been too much food and I was stuffed.

The Booking Office London ReviewThe Booking Office focuses heavily on the guest experience. Every week on Wednesday to Sunday evening they offer a signature cocktail demonstration.  Guests are welcome to watch as the bartenders put on a show creating a signature punch, and ours was a Jamaican Punch using Appleton Rum and a bit of fire. Once the punch was done, guests were offered a full glass to sample, not a tiny dixie cup sized sample.

Full flavor, fresh food and an atmosphere that you will want to return to is what you will have in store at The Booking Office. Stop in for a drink, a meal or simply to take in the space.

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