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If you were like me and took advantage of the Kellogg’s Gas Rebate program earlier this year – you need to get your UPC and form in the mail today. No, not tomorrow – do it tonight.
Like many of you, I did it, printed off my forms and sat on it for a while. I did finally mail my UPC’s in at the beginning of the month. They came back! Why? The PO Box for the promotion was closed. Look at your Rebate form – it says they have to be shipped by the end of April.. Make sure you highlight this when you send it in.

I emailed customer service upset, wanting to know what I should do. They informed me that the promotion ended April 2nd, and to resend the items to another address. We had never been given notice of the change of the promotion.

I had purchased enough of the cereal to qualify for 3 gas cards (30 boxes total, split between three households!) That’s a lot of cereal, and a lot of gas money. So I took my poor returned envelopes, circled the “post date” and resubmitted them. Each adding a note and highlighting the date on the rebate form.  I crossed my fingers and toes and dropped it in the mail.

Today I got this in my email box:

“Based on our records, you have recently contacted us and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced while trying to participate in the Kellogg’s™ Gas Rewards Card offer. Please know we have listened to our consumers and have made the decision to process requests received on or before the original promotion end date of April 30, 2012.

Our intention was never to create frustration. This was a very popular offer, and we exhausted our supply of gas cards. So we made the decision to end the offer effective April 2, 2012, and all requests that were postmarked by April 2 were to be processed as received. We soon learned that many had already printed the order form but were not aware that the offer had ended prior to mailing in their request.

If you have your original submission that was returned to you and have not sent it back in, or meet the requirements for a new submission, please mail your materials postmarked by April 30, 2012, to the original address – P.O. Box 7299, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-7299. The P.O. Box has been re-opened and we will process once received. As we are unable to provide the gas rewards card, you will receive a check in the amount that covers the value of the Gas Rewards Card.

Please know that we value you as a consumer and hope you will continue to look for other great promotion offers from Kellogg Company.”

Clearly – I’m not the only one who has had this issue! I am bummed that I will not get a gas card, but instead a check in it’s place. But at least they are honoring the program.

SO I urge you – don’t take this lightly! You only have a few days to get those UPCs and forms in – take the check!

Got it? Go do it NOW!


  1. thanks for this post ,i have so many questions regarding this-i posted that form and 10 upcs in march 2nd week in ordinary shipping.how much time it will take to get that gas rewards,thanks


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