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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Now Open in Ferndale with Coupons, Slow Cooked Food and More #Bloggersdobbq @DickeysFerndale

Making barbecue takes hours – the key is low and slow. But sometimes there’s that craving for some barbecue, but you don’t have the time. I didn’t know much about Dickey’s Barbecue Pit before we were invited to try it out and review it.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Coupons

I knew it was a chain restaurant, but what I didn’t know Dickey’s was a fast food restaurant.  When we pulled up and it was in the same plaza as a Jimmy Johns I was a little shocked. The size of the restaurant was also a little shocking, but the size of the restaurant doesn’t always mean there isn’t big flavor inside.

The first thing we worried about when we came into Dickey’s was if they had any gluten free options. Their website does have nutritional information, but none of the meals specifically say gluten free. You can find their gluten free menu on a third party website. When you ask in store, they aren’t able to answer any questions about the ingredients because they are made off site. But keep an open mind when you go in and need special accommodations, the staff is really open to helping you out. When I mentioned my allergies they were more than accommodating and even let me read ingredients on spices and more .

When it comes to the food, it was about what I expected. The meat was a bit dry on its own, but with their barbecue sauces they were actually pretty good. They offer three different barbecue sauces: sweet, regular and spicy so you can have your meat to your liking. Each sauce was good on its own, and only added to the well cooked meat. Sides are a little limited when you come to gluten free meals, but it is typical barbecue fare. I will say that the potato salad had a bit too much dill in it to my liking but others loved it. Don’t forget you also get dessert included in your meal, either pecan pie or vanilla ice cream (which is actually dairy free!)

The staff at the Ferndale location was very welcoming and helpful during our visit. My only hope is that as time goes on, the chain in general will have a little more training on different food allergies and how to work with them. But, with that being said – I did not get sick from our visit using the menu on the other site.

Right now until November 15th you can visit Dickey’s in Ferndale with these coupons and try it for yourself! You can either print them out (below) or even show them my blog post to get the discount. Dickey’s also has a text promotion going on right now. Text DICKEYS934 to 25328 to receive a text to get a FREE fountain drink in a big yellow cup with purchase.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Coupons Ferndale, MI
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