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It’s Never Too Old to Try New Things – How the Zoo Helped Us Complete a Bucket List Item

As we get older, we tend to make a list of items of things we want to do. A bucket list is the term that is often tossed around. It’s different for all of us, but things we want to experience before we kick the bucket, as it were. The world has so many things going out there, that many of us have lists that even if we were independently wealthy may take us the rest of our life to complete. But what if there was something completely obtainable that we could do? Something that required a quick drive and a visit with some family?

Earlier this year, I found out something shocking. My dad, had never seen a giraffe in real life. Other attempts to see them at zoos resulted in seeing their butts as they walked into the enclosure. I was shocked – something that many of us have taken for granted was something he had never seen. Little did he know, that our conversation would have me send an email to the Detroit Zoo. Not only is the Detroit Zoo one of the oldest in the nation, but they offer a giraffe feeding experience. I wasn’t going to let this conversation be the end of it -and my father was going to see giraffes.

Fast forward a few months, and with the help of my Mom, we got the whole family to the zoo on one of the hottest days of the summer. Special tickets in hand, we spent the morning enjoying the park. Since I still had a walking cast on, we took the train to the back of the park where the Giraffe enclosure is, and had everyone meet us there at the feeding time. As soon as my Dad got there he started taking pictures of the giraffes – but little did he know he’d get up a lot closer to the animals!

Find out more information on the Giraffe Encounter  and watch our video of our Giraffe experience!

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