Detroit – The New City of Slices with More Options Downtown #VisitDetroit

Buddy's Pizza - Detroit Style Pizza

The quest to find the perfect slice of pizza has gotten a lot easier in Metro Detroit. The motor city is slowly gaining national attention for it’s own unique take on pizza – the Detroit Style Pizza, a square pizza with sauce on top.

But the Pizza scene is getting bigger in Detroit, with new options popping up which is starting to give Detroit a new name – the city of slices. Within walking distance of each other downtown Detroit you can not only find the iconic Detroit Style Pizza but also Chicago Style Pizza and New York Style as well. Each restaurant brings it’s own spin and style on the pizza pie, but what it offers diners is a different experience at each destination.

Boasting gluten free options, vegan options and even dairy free options – here are three different places that will make you running downtown Detroit for pizza almost every night of the week.

Buddy’s Pizzeria

If you know about Detroit Style Pizza, you know there isn’t anything like it anywhere in the world. Square pizza made has super crisp edges crumbled Wisconsin brick cheese and topped the meat with strips of tomato sauce striped across the top. It is often imitated but never quite the same as the original from Buddy’s Rendezvous, who has spread through the metro area as Buddy’s Pizza.

Buddy’s first began its legacy in 1946 at Buddy’s Rendezvous Pizzeria on Six Mile and Conant in Detroit, where Detroit-style pizza was conceived with a little resourcefulness and inspiration from the blue steel automotive industry pans in which the pizza is made. In addition to serving a variety of Buddy’s award-winning Original Detroit-Style Pizzas, the restaurant will feature a full menu including gluten-free pizza, salads, burgers and more.

Buddy’s Original Detroit-Style Pizza restaurant will open in the M@dison Building downtown late this summer and for the first time will offer a quick lunch service for workers, theatre and stadium crowds who may not have time for a full-service experience

Find the Buddy’s Pizza location near you.

Giordano’s Pizza – Detroit

In the past, if you wanted a good slice of Chicago Style Pizza – that thick round deep dish pie we had to drive the four plus hours to get to the Windy City. But a couple years ago, right down town Giordano’s opened it’s first location. Just down the street from the Z-lot and the Detroit Opera house, you can hop in and enjoy a stuffed pizza any day of the week.

Based on a family recipe for a stuffed deep dish pizza pie, Giordano’s is loved so much across the nation that people order their favorite pie to have frozen and shipped to them.

The new location downtown Detroit not only brings their classic menu to them, but also a full gluten free menu and other options. Hop in and grab a seat, pull a seat up to the bar or even grab one of the the “to go” frozen pizza’s from the case and you’re on your way to a delicious meal. Each slice can almost be a meal on it’s own and will have you coming back for more any time you’re downtown.

Giordano’s Detroit is located at:
1224 Randolph Street, Detroit, MI 48226

Find their full menu and directions online.

Mootz Pizzeria and Side Hustle

The new kid on the scene is Mootz Pizzeria, the first New York Style pizza place in Detroit. Yes – you can head in any time to get those oversized pieces of pizza that beg to be folded in order for you to even eat them. But Mootz Pizzeria isn’t just offering a good pizza option for your dinner, but they also have Side Hustle – the first single serve pizza walk up space where they serve your pizza on a paper plate just like you would get in New York City.

Mootz opened earlier this year, and offers traditional and unique pizza options for even the pickiest diners. With a thoroughly modern interior and a bar that will beg you to come in and sit down for their own unique cocktails.

Have allergies? Don’t worry about that either! Mootz also offers gluten free crusts, dairy and vegan free cheese options. Their chef will come out and discuss your food options and make sure everything is taken care of.

Mootz Pizzeria is a cashless establishment, so be sure to bring your plastic if you’re dining in or grabbing to go. Their location so close to entertainment and even a People Mover station makes them a great location to check out, and to frequent for delicious pizza.

Be sure to park in the Z-lot where they validate your parking for two hours while you dine.

Mootz Pizzeria and Side Hustle are located at:

1230 Library Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Find their menu and direction online.


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