Andy Warhol Museum Review

Destination Pittsburgh – Andy Warhol Museum

Andy Warhol Museum
If you’re an art lover and in Pittsburgh one of the places you should try to visit is the Andy Warhol Museum. I was an art student for over seven years, so when I saw that they had the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh it became one of our “Must go to” places.

The Andy Warhol Museum is unique in the fact it is the only museum dedicated to just one artist. However, it is not exclusively work inside the museum you will find other similar artists and installations as well. But the bulk of the museum are Warhol’s works.

Andy Warhol Museum

When you first enter the building you will notice they have used his work throughout the space. His Pop Art cows greet you as you enter the historic building, contrasting nicely to the stoic nature of the exterior.

The Andy Warhol Museum only allows photography on the main level and in the introduction area, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any shots of some of my favorite works. But you are exposed to a lot of great spaces and a well rounded introduction of Warhol and his work within the first few rooms.

Andy Warhol Museum

While I’ve studied art for years I didn’t know the reach that Warhol had in his work. I knew, like many that he was famous for his Pop Art works. His Marilyn Monroe prints and Jackie O, but I had no idea that the Pittsburgh native also did videos, a tv show, wrote books and did full room installations.

Each floor of the museum is devoted to a different section of his work. I will warn you that there are some floors (the video level) that are not for younger viewers – there is a sign that says this on one entrance, but it is not on the other one.

Overall we enjoyed the museum. It gave us all a better understanding of Warhol and his works. I just wish that they allowed photography on all levels, I can see some great shots with kids and the silver cloud installation.

Admission is $20 for Adults and $10 for Students and Children.

Andy Warhol Museum

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