Despicable Me 2 – Great for Family Fun Night! 

despicable me 2 review

Despicable Me 2

It’s almost time to cuddle up with your family and watch a new adventure with your favorite minions! Despicable Me 2 is being released on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital movie on December 10th – so just in time to hit your stocking or shopping list! Universal Studio sent us a copy to review, and we’re lucky it wont wear out as it’s being played over and over again!

The second, and hopefully not last, installment of the Despicable Me series, is the story of Gru, Margo, Agnus, Edith and all of the adorable minions. The second movie is what happens after Gru adopts the girls and their life after the first film. Is he still as evil as he was before?

I wont post any spoilers about Despicable Me 2, but I will say that it is as good as the original if not better! The minions are some of our favorite characters and even if they do turn evil in this movie. It is a great movie for the family and your kids will love it!

Despicable Me 2 will be available in stores near you on December 10th or you pre-order Despicable Me 2 on Amazon today!


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