Dei Fratelli Gift Baskets for the Cook in Your Life #Christmascountdown

Dei Fratelli Gift Package Review
Dei Fratelli Gift Pack Review
I always love gifts that are useful, not just something that will sit on the shelf. And as someone who loves to cook, I loved getting a Dei Fratelli gift set to review. It’s not only a fun gift, but one that is easy to use and is sure to make any home cook happy.

Dei Fratelli Gift Pack Review

The Dei Fratelli That’s Amore gift set comes bundled up with cans of tomato sauce, pizza sauce, Italian tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, Petite Diced tomatoes, Salsa, Tomato and basil spaghetti sauce and even All purpose Italian sauce. Each jar or can is filled with high quality sauce made from all natural ingredients and uses sea salt for additional seasoning. All of the ingredients are nestled together in gift wrapping and a reusable basket – another thing I love about gifts!

While a gift set full of sauces may not be for everyone, for someone who loves to cook, or wants fresh ingredients this is perfect. The variety of dishes you can make with the products is unlimited, and they can make several dinners easy for the upcoming busy holiday season. And for only $27.99, the set is an affordable gift option. We’ve had several great meals from this one little gift basket of ingredients, and I’ve even saved a few to use in our upcoming holiday recipes!

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