Decorating Your Home Office

Decorating Your Home Office

´╗┐Decorating a home office allows you a considerable amount of creative freedom. Whether it is an official “work from home” space or the place where you handle finances and store household records, organization should be a major consideration when furnishing and decorating a home office.

Once you have put the major furnishings such as a standing desk, file cabinet, bookcase and any other necessary pieces of furniture in your office area, it’s time to add personal touches. A comfortable desk chair is essential. If space allows, you can include a colorful or unique accent chair to lighten up the office area. If you spend a large portion of your day in your home office, you need a place to relax and take a break from your computer or desk area. A comfortable recliner or chaise chair could be a nice personal indulgence.

You may want to hang pictures that inspire you or that you find invigorating. Wall words that encourage you or words that help keep you grounded are ideal for a home office. A collection of family, pet and vacation photos in decorative frames are always a nice addition.

Green plants enliven an office area if they look healthy. Air purifying plants are an excellent choice for an office. If you have a green thumb, place several of these plants in the room. A hanging basket at the window is an attractive addition to a home office. Pedestals are a wonderful way to display plants.  If you don’t do well with live plants, or if the lighting is severely limited in your home office, add some beautiful silk plants or flowers to the room.

The color scheme and decorative style for your home office should be one that you find comfortable, energizing or inspiring. Accent rugs are a great addition and you can experiment with textures, colors and designs. A beautiful shag rug might be the elegantly cozy rug you prefer. Oriental rugs could give the office an element of sophistication. Transitional rugs with old geometric patterns would be great in a contemporary-style office.

The decorative accessories you select to place on a bookcase, accent table, desk or wall shelf should be items that you enjoy looking at each day. These items should relate to your passions and possibly to your aspirations. With all of the decorative organizational items available, you can keep your office looking spectacular while incorporating colorful storage bins, decorative boxes and unique baskets into the d├ęcor.

Your home office needs to be a space that is optimally functional. Maintaining order without clutter is key. In addition to being functional, your home office should be a place that you find attractive and comfortable as well as a pleasant place to work.


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