Decorate Your Yard with Ease with a Crab Pot Tree

crab pot tree review

crab pot tree reviewThis is the first year I’ll be decorating our yard for the holiday season, and actually my first time doing any outside displays that require lights. I don’t want to get too far over my head with elaborate holiday displays, and thankfully I wont have to. I was sent a Crab Pot Tree to review, so setting up our holiday display should be quick and easy!
Crab Pot Trees are essentially pop up Christmas trees that you can use inside or outside. The pre-lit trees fold flat when not being used, so its easy to store. The trees are constructed of crab trap material, which is lightweight and durable. The material the crab pot tree reviewCrab Pot trees are made of make the essentially water proof, and they are pre-wrapped with LED lights so they’re ready to light up the you set them up.

crab pot tree reviewSince it’s our first year decorating for the holidays, I don’t want anything too complicated. The Crab Pot Tree seems to fit that bill. It’s constructed of 6 different large triangle of the crab trap material all on a central axis. The ends of crab pot material is clipped and does contain metal on the inside, however none of the exposed points seemed to be sharp so they shouldn’t cause any injuries.

crab pot tree reviewBecause of the design of the Crab Pot Tree, you can make it fit into places in a half circle if you want or in a corner if you’re out of space. It easily unfolds into a corner fitting tree without any extra assistance, but anything beyond that may require additional support. crab pot tree reviewIn the box you will find stakes to put the tree into your yard securely (to keep it down in the wind), as well as a few additional bulbs. But if you choose to use the Crab Pot Tree inside, I found that it will stay put with one of the twist ties that is in the box when you get it (that is of course if your cat doesn’t steal all of them).

crab pot tree reviewAs mentioned before, the Crab Pot Tree already comes strung with LED lights, but in case you need (or want) to change the lights out or add more it’s easy to find where power cords are and add more or change them out.

crab pot tree reviewSetting up the Crab Pot Tree inside was extremely easy – but there was thing I wasn’t a huge fan of: the short power cord. Outside this will require a longer outside power cord than I wanted to pick up in general. That being said, the light weight nature of the Crab Pot Tree makes it easy to set up both inside and outside, and that outweighs the one negative I found about the tree.

The Crab Pot Trees are water proof so it’ll be great once the snow finally starts to fall here in Michigan, and the LED keeps them low heat and fire proof as well. You can find Crab Pot Trees in white or colored lights, and from 2 feet tall to as tall as 8 feet! Want to have a Crab Pot Tree as part of your holiday display? My Readers Save 20% off and FREE Shipping with promo codeUSFG at

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