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OK- you’ve got your coupons ready, you go out to the store and get the deal, you go home with your goodies and your happy- until next week when you find out it’s a better deal! Do you get upset? Feel envious of the better deal? Or do wish you had waited?
I find myself envious of some deals that happen after I buy something. This week has a great example:
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce.

Last week with the $1/1 coupon I bought 5 of them at Target. Only paying 47¢ for each one.

This week I’ve seen on some of the coupon boards that Target has it on sale for $1.20 which would make each one only 20¢.

Instantly I was disappointed! If I had just waited I could have saved more.. But then I started to think about it – what would I have done with that extra $1.35? At most stores it wont even buy a 20 oz Coke!

So let’s break it down – you saved money, that’s the point right? Why get upset about a dollar? If you keep waiting you miss the deals all together – or end up letting your coupons expire.

Now, another bit of perspective – not every deal people post on the sites will work for you. When we got to Target today, my friend with coupons in hand – it was still $1.47 and not the $1.20 reported. She still got them and saved on the ones she purchased. It’s a good deal either way.

I know half the deals I find and post on here may not apply to some of the readers – especially now that I know some are as far away as Alaska. But I will still post them for the few people who are local(ish) and can use them.

Some deals I find only apply to 1 of the stores in my area – the Walgreens I go to in Detroit holds different deals and specials than the ones just 2 miles up the road and in different cities.

Stop worrying about the deals you miss – if you get a good deal and you are helping stretch your dollar right you are doing what you’re suppose to with the coupons!

We were stopped a couple times while shopping today and asked how to get their bill down to zero. Honestly I haven’t figured out how to do it legitimately! I was able to drop my Meijer bill down over $40 with coupons alone, and another $45 with in store specials. But how to match everything up and get a zero bill on a cart or several full of food? I hope to get there some day – but right now I’ll stick with the 70-80% I’ve been saving currently!

Shop and be happy with your savings 🙂

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