FTD College Rose Collection Review & Deal!

FTD College Rose Collection Review
FTD College Rose Collection
Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone is harder than you think. But I think there is always a reason for flowers. I honestly don’t know of a woman or girl who doesn’t love flowers. They might be a sports-a-holic, but they still like getting flowers once in a while. FTD has come up with a great product for just those girls- their College Rose Collection.
FTD College Rose
The roses come delivered in FTD College Rose Collection boxes or officially-licensed boxes with the college logo of your choice. That is just the beginning of the college experience!

When you open the box you find your roses wrapped securely, as well as an etched keep sake vase. Each box of roses comes with care instructions and plant food to make sure they last.

Every arrangement ordered is handcrafted using the college colors of your choice. Each rose features both colors of your team. And from each College Rose Collection arrangement ordered a portion benefits the featured school. What a great way to give a gift and to give back to their alma mater!

MSU Roses

Now, I live in Michigan where there is a joke about half the state not talking to the other half when Michigan State plays U of M. It might be true for some families, but in our house, we’re not too particular on which team we cheer for. However, I did attend Michigan State, so I always have a soft spot for the Spartans.

When FTD offered to send me some of their College Rose Collection arrangements to review, I immediately selected MSU from the list. I could not however order U of M (sorry everyone!) Instead, I took a friend’s recommendation and requested Louisiana State University for the second arrangement. While the colors are close to U of M’s I love the contrasting purple and yellow together!

LSU Roses

The arrangements came beautifully wrapped, and had the instructions neatly included for the care of the roses. Always remember to cut your roses (under water if possible) at a 45% angle – this helps to open them up so they can get more nutrients and water!  I followed their instructions and removed the outer bruised petals as well – this isn’t something I’m use to doing when I fix up roses. The instructions say that within a couple days the roses will fully open up and you will get the full experience of the arrangement.

The next day when I got up – all of the roses had opened up. They were beautiful before with both the colors on the petals, but once open you can see just how beautiful the roses are. The colors are vibrant and the roses smell fantastic! Every time I pass the kitchen table I can breathe in deeply and enjoy them.

The FTD College Rose Collection are a breath taking gift idea for sports lovers, college alumni or people who have a favorite team. The collection started with 39 college themed arrangements, and they just added 12 more this month! You can check out which teams are featured on their website. Also right now you can save $15 instantly if you order online!

LSU Roses

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