Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6 Tent – Product Review and Giveaway!

Lightspeed Outdoors Tent Review
Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6
Camping can be one one of the most fun and memorable trips you ever take with your family. But when you go camping, there is a lot of work that goes into it – from packing all the supplies, loading the vehicle, traveling then setting up, sometimes it can become more work than you expected.
On our most recent camping trip we changed locations three times throughout the trip. Each time we had to fully take down the tent, pack it in it’s bag (it never fit fully), then setting it back up. It was a two person job the whole and took over 30 minutes on each end of our trip. It was a lot of work, and we half considered not moving our camp at least once.

Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6

LightSpeed Outdoors has a great line of products that takes that hassle out of camping. Their tents have a great drawstring pole system that makes assembly quick and easy. So easy in fact that one person could set it up in a few minutes. LightSpeed Outdoors sent me a Base Camp 6 Tent to test and review. The first thing I noticed was how small and compact everything was. The shipped packaged only weighted 22 lbs.

I had a friend and fellow blogger help me set the tent up for the first time. We quickly laid the tent out on the ground. The Base Camp 6 is apentagonal shaped tent. You unfold the 5 corners and lock the side bars together. Standing in the door way you pull the drawstring pole system up towards you.

The drawstring pole system has two “hubs” a top and bottom hub. You simply pull the cords until they meet and you use the push button to lock the cords into place.

Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6

Now it looks like a mess with all the cords hanging down, but you simply secure them in the pouch at the bottom of the drawstring pole system. This keeps everything in the tent nice and neat. It also keeps it so that someone doesn’t pull the release while you’re in the tent.

Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6

The drawstring pole system reminds me of an umbrella when it is completely locked in place. It is this system that completely pops the tent up and assembles it completely. And you do only need 1 person to do this! It only took a few minutes for us to the whole tent assembled and set up.

Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6

The Base Camp 6 will sleep 6 adults comfortably, and it has some of my favorite tent features. Not only do all 5 sides have large screen windows, the tent has a large fly that can be used to prevent rain and even has a vestibule overhang so you wont get wet trying to get in the tent in the rain. Inside it features pockets sewn in store your belongings while you sleep.

Since the Base Camp 6 uses the drawstring pole system there are no internal poles to take up space. This makes the Base Camp 6 open and spacious, including having a high ceiling. I could even stand inside without having to duck!

Lightspeed Outdoors Base Camp 6

Not only does the Base Camp 6 go up easily, when you’re done you loosen the cords and pull the release. The tent comes down in a matter of a few minutes as well. And to my surprise – it all fit back easily in its bag!

The Base Camp 6 is great for camping, or without a fly it could be used for parties or even taken to the beach. It is light and easy to assemble. This is definitely a great gift idea for anyone you have on your list who loves to camp!

LightSpeed Outdoors has sponsored today’s giveaway – One Lucky Reader will win a Base Camp 6 tent of their very own. Make sure you like them on Facebook!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me where you would take the Base Camp 6 Tent! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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  1. I would definitely take this tent to Trout Pond Campground here in the beautiful state park in West Virginia! I don’t own a tent so winning this would be awesome.

  2. Hey this is one to the best giveaways yet– everyone in the family would enjoy this– thanks for the great ides to start on—We’d go to Mnt Pomerell–or Sun Valley to camp

  3. It wouldn’t be until next year but we would probably go to Missouri – my husband has always wanted to take me canoeing and I’ve never been… And I’m not sleeping without a tent! lol

  4. I would take it to Girls’ Camp for our church every year! We also camp out a lot in the backyard, but with a tent like this, we would venture a little further away from home.

  5. haha, i have NEVER been camping before so i don’t know WHERE TO GO. So I would start in the comfort of my backyard & then venture off from there! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  6. I would take this tent camping at a small local lake here near Lawrence, KS. I would be interested in seeing how this tent holds up in the Kansas heat and storm wind. I’ve had several tents over the years but not this brand.


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