The Pink Monogram Personalized Walnut Cutting Board Product Review! 

the pink monogram cutting board review
Pink Monogram Cutting Board

Personalized gifts are a great option when you can’t find the right gift for someone on your list. Not only does it show you were thinking specifically of that person, you went above just giving them something you think they might like. A personalized gift is good not only for the holiday season but also any time of the year.
The best place to find a wide variety of personalized gifts is The Pink Monogram. On their site you can find monogrammed clogs, cell phone covers (for your blackberry or Otterboxes for your iPhones), shower curtains, towels and even jewelry. One of my favorite options on their website is the personalized cutting boards, The Pink Monogram sent me their Oval Walnut Cutting Board to review.

Pink Monogram Cutting Board

The cutting board is an 18 inch oval and made from beautiful variegated Walnut. The edge has a slight bevel and in the center is the Monogram you can customize.  Since I didn’t what to get on my cutting board I asked The Pink Monogram to have my board say Chef or Cook.

The board arrived and was carefully wrapped in paper. The first thing I noticed was the cutting board had raised feet. Not just simple nubs that lifted it off the counter a faction of an inch. The feet are of a heavy rubber and raise the cutting board almost an inch off my counter surface.

After the initial washing, I used the board to help prepare a salad. I will admit I was a bit nervous about using it with the board with the beveled edge and the words in it. I envisioned food getting trapped in the cut outs, and it being a pain to wash. Instead any extra bits of juice all were safe on the board and didn’t get on the counter. Washing the cutting board was simple and easy.

These cutting boards are not only beautiful, but will make a fantastic gift this holiday season. They are a functional gift that anyone would appreciate it. They are only available for purchase through The Pink Monogram website.

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