DIY Gift Bows!

DIY Gift Bows

DIY Gift Bows

Part of the fun of the holiday season is giving gifts that are personalized. But even wrapping them can get expensive! I’m not going to lie, I do go to after Christmas sales and stock up on some items. But others, it’s more fun to make myself. We all have extra magazines lying around (especially if you’ve ordered freebie ones) – here’s a fun way to recycle them that can be used all year long!


Here is everything you will need to make the bows:

  • Magazines – Any kind will work. Be careful not to cut up things you want in them like recipes etc. But have fun with it!
  • Fasteners/Brads – That box of 80 I got at the dollar store!
  • Cutting device – Chopper, Scissors, Scrapbooking slicer – something to make quick easy cuts!

You may also need scissors/thread cutters but that is up to you. I will explain where these are handy – I personally never use them for this project.


Step 1:

Choose the pages you want to make your bows out of. Carefully remove them from the magazine.

Choose pages that are full of color, interesting textures or even text.

Fun options

  • Gifts for Cooks – Use recipe pages (of ones you wont use of course)
  • Couponers – use those extra add pages in the inserts – don’t use coupons or they might get mad!
  • Kids – Use bright colors and fun textures


Step 2:

Slice off any uneven edge and neatly stack your pages together. Cut them in 1 inch strips.

*This is where a chopper or scrap book slicer comes in handy – quick and easy!


Step 3: 

Take one strip of paper and twist it into a figure 8. Do not fold it together – just simply twist it. Hold it with your fingers and push a fastener through the paper.

*This is where scissors or a thread pull come in handy. You can make a small slice and push the fastener through. However, it is not necessary in order to get the fastener through the paper (it does make it easier!)

Your bow will now look like this:



Step 4: 

Repeat step 3 about 6-9 times until your bow is nice and full. Each time rotate your ribbon piece about 1/3 a turn. As you add on more pieces it will push the first ones closer together to make them look more bow.


Step 5:

Close the fastener! It’s that easy!

To secure it to a package just roll a piece of tape and stick the two together.

Where to find Free Magazines:

Don’t have enough magazines laying around? Here are a few you can grab right now!

Free Subscription to Parenting Magazine

6 Free Issues- Working Mother Magazine

Free Issue of Bridal Guide Magazine

Christmas Countdown


  1. Thanks for this! I never thought about using magazines like this. I already use newspaper for wrapping, this is the perfect bow to compliment that. I love this series, can’t wait to see what other nneat Christmas ideas you have up your sleeve 🙂

  2. WOW! You crafty little……………………………..
    This really is awesome, i MAY try it this Christmas, to spruce up the newspaper wrapping jobs! LOL


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