Polar Bear Coolers Product Review

Polar Bear Cooler Review

Like most families we have a large cube freezer. It’s great for camping, but it’s a pain to carry around, and even worse to have in the back seat when you’re driving (“slosh slosh slosh” from the extra ice). It’s not always convenient to use or good for certain food types.

Polar Bear Coolers sent me one of their soft sided 24 pack coolers to review. Instantly I was in love with it! I have to say, the first thing I noticed was the large size – I didn’t expect it to be that big!

Polar Bear Cooler

I looked over the cooler and was shocked at how thick the inside walls were. It is suppose to keep ice frozen in it for up to 24 hours, and will even keep things up to 200 degrees for several hours!

When I say the cooler was large РI mean large. I could easily slide in two big casserole dishes side by side to take to gatherings. Check out bestcooler.reviews for more such awesome coolers.

Not only does the soft sided cooler come with two handles, it has a large shoulder strap you can add onto it as well. No more trying to balance everything on your way out to the beach. The front even features a zippered pouch to store utensils or whatever else you might need.


It also has one added feature on the zipper – a cute little Polar Bear Coolers tag, that is also a bottle opener! No need to pack one for when you’re on the road you will always have one with you.

Some awesome stats on the soft sided cooler (this is for the 24 pack):

  • Will hold 24 lbs of meat (or other products)
  • Fit perfectly on the back of a golf cart
  • Washable inside

This bag is a great gift idea and would be great for any one you know that does a lot of entertaining, or even outdoors activities. I plan on using it throughout this holiday season. It will be used next summer at the beach as well as camping. It’s small enough to squeeze between our luggage and a great bag to keep with us on the road.

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! We actually need a cooler and I like these soft sided ones better than the big hard ones. So much easier to travel with. Genius that they thought to include a bottle opener! Thanks for the review. Now I know where to shop for a cooler!


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