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Neocell Beauty Pack – Product Review and Giveaway! 

Before Neocell sent me the beauty package I had never had a beauty routine. I wear makeup occasionally  and do a face scrub daily, but I’ve never been one to moisturize. I know that it’s something that you’re suppose to do, but it’s never been a big priority. So I’m very happy to say that Neocell started me on the right path. They sent me three products to review, and it was a great introduction to a beauty skin regimine. The products in their beauty packs include their Collagen Radiance Serum, Advanced H.A. Serum, and Refreshing Herbal Mist.

I have to say my favorite of all the products is the Collagen Radiance Serum. It is extremely easy to use, just a few drops in the palm of your hand then rub it into your skin and on your neck. I’ve found that only one pump of serum provided enough of the product to do the whole job. The serum includes antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and other nutrients to help your skin feel feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Neocell’s Advanced H.A. Serum is another product you apply twice a day. Again, I was surprised at how little product I needed. I loved how easily it went on and how my skin felt after I used it. The Advanced H.A. Serum is a time released formula, to help keep your skin moisturized during the day. The H.A Serum is a hyaluronic acid which is essential in cell lubrication and hydration in the body.

Now the last product in Neocell’s beauty package is the Refreshing Herbal Mist. This is a great item to have stashed in my purse. If your skin starts to dried out during the day you can spritz on the herbal mist. It’s easy a quick and easy way to refresh while you’re on the go.

I’ve been using the Neocell beauty package for a couple weeks now, and I’m amazed at how soft and moisturized my skin is. Within minutes of applying the product my skin is soft to the touch – almost baby soft. This is a fantastic skin care package to get anyone started on a skin care routine, or to help continue one.

Neocell is giving one of my readers their beauty package, so your skin can be amazingly hydrated and beautiful! Make sure you read how to enter below.

How can you win?
Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your skin care routine is! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!
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35 thoughts on “Neocell Beauty Pack – Product Review and Giveaway! 

  1. I really don’t have one! I know that is bad. My grandmother told me to start as a teenager. I do wash my face twice a day and I try to use moisturizer daily.

  2. My skin care routine consists of washing my face with a gentle cleanser, then using an astringent, then apply a day and night cream. Also I use a special cream around my eyes!

  3. I make sure to cleanse my face at least twice a day, use lots of moisturizer with sunscreen and night creams.

  4. I cleanse with my great facial cleanser using my Clarisonic Mia, then moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Morning & night religiously!

  5. I always wash my face with a gentle cleanser followed by a moisturizer with good stuff in it. I use Peter Thomas Roth products.

  6. Depends on the day..I am very spotty when it comes to a “routine.” I do moisturize daily after I wash.

  7. My daily routine is rather simple, I wash it everyday, usually first thing in the morning an that helps me wake up anyway. Then I put on my ponds daily moisturizer. Don’t hardly ever wear makeup, so I dont have to worry about scrubbing that off at the end of the day. And then at night I use water to wash my face and put on more moisturizer and head to bed. Every few days I look for stray eyebrows to pluck. Very simple.

  8. My routine is crazy. I wash with a special “face wash” soap. Then I spritz on toner, then moisturizing cream, then special eye cream under my eyes, then a different cream on my eye lids. Once a week I do a vitamin A cream and a few times a month I exfoliate or do a mask. I’m tired just typing about it. lol

  9. I wash every morning with olay regenerist then moisturize with olay 3 step lotion, then use porcelana on dark spots

  10. cleanser, moisturizer, primer or bb cream, foundation if i don’t use bb cream. . elf hd powder to set. awesome stuff. makes skin flawless got so many compliments. a little blush and off i go . how do you get to test for companies like this. hope to win .ty

  11. I wash my face in the morning and check to make sure I don’t need anything on it. That is about it! I like to keep it simple and natural if possible. I do like trying out new products though! 🙂

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