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copper river bag review

Copper River BagsOne of the most important things for photographers and professionals is to have the right equipment. You don’t just have to have the right camera, but a way to protect the equipment you’ve purchased. When I purchased my camera a couple years back I was lucky it came in a bundle with a bag and a tripod and an extra lens. Over the past few years I’ve gotten more equipment, so the bag I started with isn’t very convenient for shooting sessions or carrying my camera.

Recently I was introduced to Copper River Bags, a company that makes beautiful full grain leather laptop bags, messenger bags and camera bags. Each bag is constructed with full grain leather and is sturdy enough for anything I could put it through while out taking pictures.

Copper River Bags

Copper River Bags sent me one of their Safari Camera Bag to review, and it was everything I was looking for for a camera bag.

Not only is the bag large enough to hold my DSLR camera, but it also held my extra lenses, my point and shoot camera, as well as my flip in a side pocket. When I’m on the go and plan on taking my equipment with me my purse is one last thing I want to carry around. So I always need to find room for my business cards, my wallet, a notebook and pen and random other things. The Safari not only fit everything it it, it still had room for more!

The bag has a large interior pocket that you can use an insert to organize your equipment. Behind that is a large flap pocket, that would work perfectly for a tablet or a netbook. Both sides of the bag have a small accessory pocket big enough for cords, cell phones, or even small video cameras. On the back of the bag is another large pocket for a tablet, a note book or whatever you want to store there.

My old camera bag would leave marks on my shoulders from the weight of all of the equipment, sometimes it would even bruise me. But the Safari bag distributed the weight of the equipment evenly over the leather strap and pad, and it was comfortable after a day carrying it around an event.

I am really impressed by the construction of the bag – the leather was beautifully done and the stitching is done in a UV coated thread so it will last for years. When I first secured the strap to the bag I was shocked at the size of the clasps and the rings. They are strong enough to withstand the weight of the equipment the bag will have in it.

One of my favorite features the bag has is a three strap clasp system to secure it closed. My current bag has two push clasps on each size, but they come apart easily. The Safari bag has two snap leather straps on each side of the front then a third that gets pulled through a loop before it is secured. It gives me the extra security that my camera wont tumble out of the bag if it is tipped or knocked over.

Every Copper River bag is constructed in the USA and comes with a 100 year warranty – that is an amazing statement on the companies belief in their product!

I really like the timeless look of the bag and the quality it is made with. I am extremely pleased with everything the Safari holds and it will be used for years to come. This would be a great bag for any photographer looking for a bag for their equipment that will not only protect their equipment but will last through the trials they put it through.

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