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Click ebook review

Click e book

When was the last time you sat down and read a good book? For me it was earlier this week. I love to read, but I struggle finding time to sit down and just read.

But sometimes you just need to read something to get away, and have some fun. A perfect book for that is Click: An Online Love Story. A story based around a young PR Rep named Renee who is coming up fast on 30, and dreads still being single. She decides with a friend to try online dating and try to find Mr. Right. Through out her dating trials she finds several versions of Mr. Wrong.

Click is written as a thread of emails. At first this seemed a little hard to read, but you quickly adapt to the format and the story line. You follow Renee through many online dating issues and even dating in a more traditional way. She finds that she has difficulty finding someone to “click with”.

As someone who found their boyfriend online (almost 9 year ago now!), several of the online dating scenarios ring true. You meet all types online and even if you haven’t tried online dating this book is easy to relate to. We’ve all gone through the dating jungle.

The book is 284 pages, and is easy to ready. I was able to ready the entire book in one afternoon. It is a funny book that was based on a lot of real life type situations. It would make a great gift for any lady on your shopping list, single or married! You can snag the e-book for only 99¢ too (and you don’t even have to wrap it!).

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Click e book

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