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NoviPet Dog Supplements Product Review and Giveaway

NoviPet Supplements

Making sure your pets are in good health is always important. But trying to give your dogs (or cats) a pill can be a real hassle. We’ve tried hiding it in treats, snacks and more. For our cats we have a “pill gun” so we can “shoot” the pill down their mouth. Even with that it’s a battle to make sure they get the medicine they need.

Now, just like us, it’s good for our pets to take multivitamins. But who’s going to do the daily fight to get the pills down? NoviPet has created soft-chew supplements for your dog so you can get them the nutrition they need without the fight!

NoviPet Supplements

The NoviPet dog supplements come in boxes with 30 doses. Each one can be done daily for your dog. Since our dogs are small (under 30 lbs) they only get a half of chew a day. Each daily dose is in a small individually wrapped package so you can take out what you need, and the rest stay fresh.

Right now NoviPet offers 3 different types of soft-chew supplements for your dog: Omega 3 & 6, Joint Support and Multivitamins. Each one is targeted to a special need your dog may have. And the best part – they are ok to give to your pet more than once a day if they like them! Can you imagine your dog begging for their medicine?

NoviPet Supplements

So with our three dogs we gave it a try – would they like them or hate them? Each one has their own personal opinion on everything so it could have went either way.

Since Bear and Pudgy have delicate skin they both tried the Omega 3 & 6 complex. It’s suppose to help their skin, coat and immune system. They both ate the vitamins like they were new favorite treats! Unfortunately Pudgy didn’t feel her coat needed any help – and she was pretty enough already, so she refused the vitamins that day.

We love how convenient the packaging is and how the girls take them like treats. It take the fight out of giving them a vitamin. And we like that it’s an easy way to give them their medicine – if only all medicine was this easy to get them to take!

NoviPet Supplements

In 2013, NoviPet plans on releasing digestive aid and calming aid products for cats – I can’t wait to try that one out with our girls! Our girls love getting treats and this will be a good way for us to make sure they get everything they need!

NoviPet would like one of my readers to try their great product – make sure you read how to enter below.

How can you win?
Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me which product you would most like to try! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!Find NoviPet Online:

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  1. My mini boston terrier is going on 7 yrs and we would do anything to help her stay healthy.She is a bit obese so whatever would help her bones the best would be what she needs.Probably the Multivitamin?

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