pure romance lotion review

Pure Romance Entice Lotion Product Review

Pure Romance Entice Lotion

One of my favorite gifts throughout the years are beauty products. This is both to give and receive. They’re a nice treat and they’re also functional. Every time you use the present you think of the person who gave it to you.

Lotion is one of the best products for gift ideas, and one I use almost every day. I like to make sure my hands are moisturized, especially once the colder season gets here. Pure Romance sent me some of their Entice Moisturizing body lotion to review and test. It is a combination of healing oils and even includes pheromones to help “entice” you partner.

Now like any lotion product I was concerned with what is in the product. Entice has both shea butter as well as aloe to help keep your skin moisturized and soft. It also has a very soft floral fragrance. It does not overwhelm you, but instead lingers gently on your hands after you use it.

They recommend applying the lotion after you take a bath, and periodically throughout the day. Even after the first application my hands felt soft and smooth. They remained that way for hours after I applied the lotion. I am very happy that my skin did not feel oily or greasy after using the lotion. It is a wonderful addition to my lotion collection and will be used to keep my hands soft and moisturized throughout the colder seasons.

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