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Finding the perfect gift for friends who are parents can be hard – but how about giving them a product they love? Label Daddy has many parent tested products that would make great gift ideas for you or friends and family!

Label Daddy has great products you can add to your kid’s clothing so they never get mixed up at school or daycare. They’re dishwasher, washing machine and even heat safe! But that’s not all Label Daddy has, and recently they let me select some more of their products to review.

Label Daddy Present Labels

I selected three different products this time – address labels (look for these if you win Trivia packets from me!), spice labels and holiday labels. All of which are water proof, sturdy and well printed.

My favorite of all of the items were the holiday labels. Not only were they beautifully done, but they are already pre-labeled. I’ve had a problem in the past that some of the holiday labels I’ve gotten are cute, but are almost impossible to write on. These have the holiday greetings, a cute graphic and both of our names. I just have to select the one I want to put on the package and stick it on! Easy and convenient!

The spice labels are perfect for my spice pods. They’re easy to read and easy to apply – the best part, they’re water proof! I previously had labeled my pods with regular printer labels, and after several uses you can see the stains from water and cooking. I like that they are all the same size and will be easy to apply to any of the new pods I add to my collection.

Label Daddy has a wide selection of products you can choose, from NBA and MBL branded items, zipper pulls, luggage tags and more. You can find a great variety of items that would be great gifts for hard to shop for parents on your list!

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