DIY Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Gift Tags

Homemade Christmas Tags

This is one of a simple DIY project that anyone can do! If you’re like me, every year I save the Christmas cards from each year. When Christmas is around the corner, I pull them out of a drawer and I’m left with questioning what to do with it. Instead of throwing them out, I have found a great way to upcycle them and they match the DIY Gift Bows!

Homemade Christmas Tags

All you need for the project is the cards and a way to cut them!

Step 1:

Gather up your holiday cards from last year. Make sure you check them all out to make sure you have gotten out all the photos and money in there (let’s hope there’s money!)  Trust me, you family wont like getting gifts with confetti of their photos inside the card :).

Homemade Christmas Tags

Step 2:

Take your card and cut them down the length of the card – approximately 1-2 inches. Try to cut the card without getting the writting from the card. If you are using Scissors cut as straight as you can!

Step 3:

Cut the long strip into even cards. That’s it! The festive colors from the cards will make holiday gift tags!

When you’re ready to attach them to your packages, you can either use a piece of tap rolled up or use a hole punch and tie it on with a ribbon.

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