Mammoth Sleeping Bag Review

Teton Sport Mammoth +20F Sleeping Bag Review and Giveaway

Mammoth Sleeping Bag

Everyone needs a sleeping bag. Whether it’s for deep woods camping, sleepovers, or camping in the back yard -it’s important to have something that will keep you warm and cozy. My nephew has a new sleeping bag, or so he thinks! He’s a bit small for the sleeping bag, and can actually hide completely in it.

The new sleeping bag is a Mammoth +20F sleeping bag – not only does it sleep 2 or more, but it’s for extreme weather and cold to keep you warm during those cold nights of camping. Teton Sports sent me the Mammoth +20 F sleeping bag to review.

Mammoth Sleeping Bag

The Mammoth +20F sleeping bag is large, so much it definitely fits its name! Rolled up, it is almost as tall as my nephew, and weighs half as much as he does- 15 lbs!

My first thought was that the overall pack was a little large if you were packing your gear. But then I realized that it would replace 2-3 standard size sleeping bags and it would actually wind up saving us space in the vehicle!

The sleeping bag is 15 pounds, but doesn’t feel like it when you are carrying it. It’s light and easy to get to and carry. I think a lot of the easy of moving it is in the bag it comes with to pack it in. Our standard sleeping bags all roll up and it becomes a challenge to get the roll tight enough to fit it back in the sleeve they came with. The Mammoth +20F sleeping bag doesn’t have any bungees or cords to tighten around it. Instead you roll it up, slide it in its bag and use the straps on the outside of the bag to compress it. I was amazed at how easy this was to fit the sleeping back in, it was put away in less than half the time it takes for me to try to roll up a regular sleeping bag (and get ready to re-do it).

Mammoth Sleeping Bag

The Mammoth +20F sleeping bag is about the size of a queen size bed (it’s on a king size bed to show the overall size). It can easily fit two adults and even a child! It features three self healing independent zippers so each side can open to let someone out without disturbing the other sleeping person. It also features pillow areas for both of the sleeping areas, so your pillow wont touch the ground, and you don’t feel the cold between the sleeping bag and the ground. One of my favorite things is a simple Velcro piece by each of the side zippers, so you can zip up and “lock” the side down to keep warm.

Like the name says the Mammoth +20F will keep you warm down to 20 degrees. We live in Michigan, so it easily could drop that cold at night (although I really hope it wont while we’re camping!) This is a fantastic sleeping bag for the avid camper and great for families. It cuts down on the gear you need, helps in extreme weather situations and makes packing up the camp site so much quicker.

Teton Sports is giving one lucky reader a Mammoth +20F sleeping bag of their own, these are great gift ideas! Be sure to visit their facebook page and thank them for the giveaway! They also have their own giveaways going on!

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42 thoughts on “Teton Sport Mammoth +20F Sleeping Bag Review and Giveaway

  1. I would use my new gear in the Black Hills at Custer State Park, I stumbled upon this park several years ago and fell in love.

  2. I would camp with the kids in the LIVING ROOM! lol..I don’t feel safe to sleep outdoors where I live..snakes!

  3. We live in the mountains, so my fiance would probably take our boys somewhere nearby to camp and use it.

  4. This would come in handy at our yearly family get together at Van Riper State park. We camp for a week once a year, the night get kind of cold even during the hot summer months.

  5. I would be going to SunValley its got snow on the tips already not much longer here– or maybe my backyard on the trampoline–lol

  6. my husband has been talking about taking our kids camping for the first time. this would be a great start to our list of “camping supplies “.

  7. At first I would use it for my grandson when he comes over, then we would take it to North Lake Camp grounds.

  8. my kids just love this kind of stuff as in blankets and sleeping bags they would use it everywhere from the bedroom to the living room when we go camping it would be packed where ever we were going and looks big enough to hold both of them so no fighting which is a big plus

  9. My boyz are Boy Scouts and they’d use it all the time. And they take old sleeping bags to friends houses when they sleep over. They could use new ones.

  10. Well, i dont actually camp – YET – lets hope this will start my camping gear collection so that i CAN go camping 🙂 THANKS!

  11. I would give this to my boyfriend for Christmas. His sleeping bag is old, worn and ripped, and this one sounds exactly like what he needs when he goes up to his cabin!

  12. I camp with 4 of my children and their families each year for Thanksgiving. We go to an Alabama state park and it gets pretty chilly at night this time of year. This would be great for then and other camping times too! Thanks!

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