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Emilie M. Catherine Tote in Bronze Product Review

Emilie M. Catherine Tote

A girl loves her handbags, especially when the bag can carry pretty much anything you want in it!  Let me introduce you to the Catherine Tote from Emilie M – it is just one of those bags!

Emilie M sent me the Catherine Tote to review and asked me to live with it for a week. How would it go with different outfits, how did it function on the go? So that is just what I did, I took the Catherine Tote on the go with me!

The first thing I noticed when I received the Catherine tote was the cut out on the front. The beautiful design is fully punched through the

material and it is not backed. At first I was concerned about this – the holes and slits are not huge, but I imagined things falling out. After two weeks of using the bag, I’m happy to report that nothing fell thru the design. Partially because of the location of the design, it is up too high for anything to fall through. But I think the main reason is small items generally were near the bottom of the bag an no where near the cut outs.

Emilie M. Catherine Tote

The tote features a strong magnetic closure. It easy opens and closes when you need to get it to, but holds strong to keep all of your belongings in the bag.

The Catherine Tote comes with a Emilie M emblem as well as a fashionable scarf. The scarf is filled with bronze and blue tones and accents many fall outfits. The scarf is removable so you can accent the bag with your favorite scarf or match it to your outfit.

Emilie M. Catherine Tote

My favorite thing about the Catherine Tote? The size! The overall dimensions of the bag are: 21.3″x 17.8″x 5.6″. It doesn’t seem that large just looking at the numbers. But it can hold a lot of things!

The bag features one large compartment that is lined with suede. I can easily fit my normal items in the bottom of the purse and go without it bulging. As I was packing to go out of town last week I kept forget to pack items, so I kept adding them to the purse. Besides my wallet, keys, checkbook, camera, business cards and phone the back took all of my paperwork, cell charger, hair products, a canister of Boogie Wipes, 2 DVDs, a stuffed animal and more. The bag still remained easy to carry and didn’t bulge with all of the extra items added.

Throughout the last two weeks I’ve used the Catherine Tote on the go. With the weather changing so quickly, it has gone with my outfits that were short sleeved to sweaters. I think this bag is versatile as well as functional, and in the bronze tone matches almost everything!

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