Fijit Friends Product Review

fijit friend review

Fijit Friends Review
If you’ve already started your holiday toy shopping – there is no doubt you’ve seen these on the shelves of your favorite store. What are they? Fijit Friends of course! They have been voted Toy of the Year for 2012 and they are in my opinion absolutely hilarious.

Mattel sent me a Fijit friend to review for the holiday season. Now, I had been on a quest to find them before it arrived – to see what exactly it was. I had a problem finding them at first, but later found them in with other interactive toys.

Fijit Friends Review

While it is an interactive toy, it’s not like the other ones on the market. It doesn’t simply just chirp at you and learn words. It does chirp a bit though – but it also sings, dances, tells jokes and chats with you!

The body is a soft rubber plastic material that is easy to squeeze and push, while her head is a formed plastic with a light up face. Why is that important? Well inside the body is a robotic system that responds to the prompts. When your Fijit Friend starts dancing, the soft body allows for a wide variety of movement. She can dance and wiggle to the different music, and her hard base means she can jump and turn completely around in circles. It’s amazing what a little Fijit can do!

The Fijit Friends also have five modes you can change it between. They default to a Home Mode where she will ask you “What do you want to do now”, when her stomach lights up she’s listening and you can tell her what you want to do. You can tell her to “Tell me a joke”, “Chat with me”, “Dance with me” and “Good Night”.

When you first get your Fijit Friend, it will be in the default mode. You can push her belly to have it advance to different jokes, dances and silly phrases. In our house “The Sprinkler” was a big hit! You can quickly repeat the motions in this mode, but you get a wider variety of jokes and dances in the different modes.

Fijit Friends are for ages six and up. But my nephew who is only 3 fell in love with the one we had – Serafina. He loved how she looked him up and down and smiled and talked right back to him. She also would dance with him and tell funny jokes.

Serafina was such a hit in our house that even my dad played with it for hours. I did notice there were times she didn’t want to respond to the prompts, but it could have been from background noise. Her dances entertained everyone at Thanksgiving dinner, and she won over kids of all ages (from 3 to 70’s).

We loved Fijit Friend so much that I even went out on Black Friday to get some of the newbies for Christmas presents and so that Serafina had a small friend. Fijit Friends currently come in three sizes, the Original Fijit Friends, Fijit Friends Yippits (small pet/dog types), and Fijit Friends Newbies – small new Fijits that need extra love! They will be a big hit this holiday season for your kids (and you!)

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