Kalorik Food Processor Product Review & Giveaway + Discount Code! 

Kalorik Food Processor Review

Kalorik Food Processor

Cooking from scratch just became a bit easier! I was sent a Food Processor from Kalorik to review,and just look at all the goodies it came with!

A few year back I had purchased my first food processor, it did everything I thought it needed to: it chopped, shredded and sliced – what else did I need it to do? I had no idea there were so many options in a food processor or that they could do so many things!

When the Kalorik Food Processor arrived I took all of the parts out and washed them. As I unpacked them I kept thinking – “another?” My

Kalorik Food Processor

old one only had the bowl, one disk and the chopping blades. I was confused and a bit puzzled by all of the options with the Kalorik Food Processor.

The first major difference I found was the discs  they were more wedges that snapped onto a rotating disk. You have your standard shred and slice options but you even have one to make fries (woohoo!).  I like the versatility of the cutting options, they are much easier to keep track of and much easier to clean!

The Food Processor also comes with a juicer option (no need for a separate contraption for that) that has a basket to catch any seeds and pulp, a blade for kneading dough, stainless steal chopping blades, and an emulsifying disk for whipping and whisking. With the extensions you can chop, shred, grade, whip, mash, whisk and a whole lot more!

Kalorik Food Processor

Now, there were a couple things I really liked about the Kalorik Food Processor. The first – it has suction cup feet. I know, that’s not a big feature, but I’ve never had that before. It helps secure the unit to your counter if it really gets mixing!

The second feature I really like – the double safety locks. Most newer food processors will not work until the base and the lid are locked on properly. This prevents little (and big) hands from getting hurt if the unit was engaged while reaching in. It’s a great safety feature to have – even if it can be frustrating to make sure everything is in position. This is where Kalorik did it right – the bowl only locks into one position, unlike other models where it can fit on multiple ways and be considered lock. For the base part of the unit it clicks in where the black button is.

Kalorik Food Processor

The lid has a similar locking feature, remember both must be engaged for it to work. The handle actually has a place where a part of the base slides in and it locks. The handle will always be on the right hand side when it properly secured.

The bowl overall holds 8 cups! That’s big enough to make a great side dish, or a dessert filling. I can’t wait to try it out to make my coleslaw recipe, it will hold a lot more than my last model will.

I really enjoy working with the Kalorik Food Processor. While the options were a bit overwhelming at first, I love the flexibility of the options I have with it. It isn’t an appliance that will only do one thing and be put away – that’s the best kind to have!

Kalorik Food Processor

My favorite option? The Fries disc! I can quickly and easily make fries to go with burgers at home. I just toss them with a little oil and salt and bake them while I make the burgers! So simple and something I would have never done before.

I can’t wait to use it this holiday season to prep the holiday meal and desserts. I think the emulsion disc will be great for my peppermint patty fillings!

Kalorik is giving one of my readers one of their great Food Processors! Read below how to enter!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite feature of the Kalorik Food processor is!  If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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  1. Hate to be redundant but the fries feature is one of my favorites too. We have a teen son with lots of buddies that “hang out” at our home on the weekends…they’d love homemade fries!

  2. I like the french fry maker disc, but actually, with the old food processor I have, I think I would LOVE the suction cup feet! 😀

  3. My favorite feature of the Kalorik Food processor is the stainless steel chopping blades! This means faster chopping of food items!

  4. I like that it has double safety locks. I can be clumsy at times and it would be a bad time to be clumsy while chopping food.

  5. I like that it’s not too big and won’t take up my whole counter, but mostly that it’s red and matches the rest of my kitchen items. Been looking for a food processor at a reasonable cost, and winning it would be reasonable!

  6. My favorite would be the disc for the fries. My grandson loves fries and we make them fresh at home but cut by hand. This would make it so much faster and give me more time to enjoy watching him eat.

  7. My favorite feature is the fact that the bowl has the capacity to hold 8 cups ~ That’s totally awesome!! Seems like it’s NEVER big enough – I think this one would be. Ty for the chance to win such a nice prize

  8. these kind of things scare me a little — I really like the DOUBLE safety loc– and all the different blade it comes with–Frie blade sounds awesome and to hold 8 cups bowl–wow this is awesome

  9. This would make food prep so much easier.Would love to have one! It looks so modern compared to alot of them I have looked at, love the style.


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